1. bestpain

    need to buy books

    my 1st yr is over and i learnt c prog and data structure using c in that....i want to buy good books of both the subjects which can help me in gate as well as placement which contains m.c.q these both subjects are part of gate syllabus plz suggest any book
  2. S

    After CCNA: CCNP or Server 2012?

    Hi All, I work as a technician @ a local computer store & i have studied Networking, MSCA on Server 2003, and just finished CCNA certification, and i do not have a engineering or a IT degree. I'm looking for a job in Mumbai, so i have some doubts & questions regarding further education and...
  3. A

    Will my 1 year detention have adverse effect during any placement program/Interview.

    Hi, I recently gave exam for the CDAC certification. My rank is 26 for A+B. And I am sure I will get some good institute. Now, I completed my B.Tech in 2013 in ECE. My was very poor. I have 65% and 1 year detention. Will it affect my chances during placement via CDAC. I know there...
  4. Harshverma

    Which language to learn ?

    Hello , I am a student of Computer Science Engineering , 1st Year I have a prior knowledge of C , C++ , HTML and CSS. Which language should i prefer first to get better Placement after 4 Years. Java or Python or C# or what.
  5. B

    Which recruitment websites to signup to? I am ECE student Batch 2010-14.

    I am pursuing ECE Btech from Sir Padampat Singhania Univesity, Udaipur (Rajasthan). What recruitment option can I look for, in case I do not like placement offers from the in-campus recruitment procedure? Which websites to sign up to for the latest job openings for Btech ECE Graduates?
  6. harshilsharma63

    Securing placement after college

    Hi. I'm currently pursuing B.Tech. in CSE from a private engineering college. I'm currently giving my 4th semester exams (tomorrow is my last exam :excited:). I took an educational loan for my education, and hence, getting a placement is critical for me. the problem is that, I don't know much...
  7. lakeport

    What are effects of dropping 2 years for JEE-MAINS during placement

    I passed boards in 2012. Appeared for JEE and AIEEE. Not qualified any of them. Also appeared for JEE-Mains in 2013 and state engg entrance. Not qualified. Now i have taken admission in BA in a local college in my city, but i want to attempt JEE-Mains and my states engineering entrance one more...
  8. S

    Software testing Training Institute with Placement Assistance in Mumbai

    Hi Everyone please tell me good Software testing Training Institutes with Placement Assistance in Mumbai.
  9. A

    What will a Mech Engg Fresher get?

    Hi all Im in DCE doing my mech engg{btech.}.Im scoring around 70%. What is the best possible placement i can get,barring PSU ie IOCL,BHEL,etc. as i dont want to sit for GATE. THANKS!
  10. puneet sharma

    IS chitkara university good for engineering ?

    I want to know if chitkara university good for engineering in chandigarh ? How is the placement and campus ?
  11. clerkman1612

    Are job placement center useful in getting a better jobs?

    Are job placement center really useful in getting a better job?. I meant by salary,scope n career.:smile: Or we should directly go to companies directly or at least through job sites such as naukri,monster? 3 years ago I was looking for a small job that time. I met 3 or 4 job placement center(I...
  12. S

    !!!!Urgent help needed!!! Maples in Chennai

    Hello friends, I have completed my B.E computer science and engineering and like to do a course on IBM main frame application programming. Please share about your views on scope of that course. There is a center in chennai called "MAPLES ESM Technology". The website is India's #1...
  13. Crazykiller

    Tough Time For IITians

    THE ECONOMIC slowdown has affected placements at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-K) this year. The placement percentage, which used to be around 99 per cent in previous years, fell short this year. The director of IIT-K Dr S.G. Dhande said due to the slowdown, placement...
  14. K

    need help...

    hey folks i need help...... one of my sibling stopped his education after his 12th class........ he passed 12th in 2005......... now the problem is he is preparing for engg entrance exams....... due to his lag years he can only give ip and dce exams...... but the problem is during the placement...
  15. M

    Inflation and the present scenario...

    > Inflation is adversely affecting the students of professional colleges, who are in the verge of getting placed. In many colleges, this inflation has shown its bad impact on the placement activities. Can you say that if the UG students go for higher studies and when they come back after 2 or 3...
  16. Dark Star

    Fluxbox 1.0:The Linux Window Manager

    Fluxbox is a window manager for UNIX/Linux and BSD operating systems. It's based on the Blackbox 0.61.1 code. Fluxbox looks like Blackbox and handles styles, colors, window placement and similar things exactly like Blackbox (100% theme/style compatibility). Configurable window tabs Iconbar...
  17. pritish_kul2

    Howz Cgi??

    Howz the company CGI for placement?
  18. vinit suri

    placement papers

    GUYS IM IN MY THIRD YEAR COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGINEERING...CAN NE ONE PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I CAN GET placement papers for practice on the net...sum good one???
  19. A

    SAP Training institutes in MUMBAI!!!

    Dear Friends, I wish to pursue a carrier in SAP. Can anyone tell me where are these coaching institute available in Mumbai, also whether they have good placement records
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