1. theserpent

    Thinking of joining ACCA. Anyone done it here?

    Please tell me more about ACCA, And it's subject's
  2. Ronnie012

    PO in SBI?

    kindly delete this thread ........................................kindly delete this thread..........................................
  3. Harsh Pranami

    Which course to join in semester holidays?? (After 1st year)

    I've just given the 2nd sem external exam and now I have 25 days long holiday before me. I was wondering if I could make use of my holidays by joining some secondary programming course. Please guide me. BTW I'm pursuing B.E. in computer science. Please note that I have only 25 days more to...
  4. R

    DNS server joining problem

    I have installed Windows 2003 server and created a Domain named BITM2013. Previously the server had DHCP running with the domain name bitm2009. Now whenever I am trying to join the domain the clients says "bitm2013 domain does not exist".But in a freshly formatted system its joining that domain...
  5. Y

    Anyone from Pune?

    Hi everyone....I'll be relocating to Pune in a few months and I'm new to the city. I'd like to know the following - 1. Which providers offer the best 3G experience in Pune? And GPRS? I'll mostly be using my phone for internet access. 2. My place of work is in Model Colony, Shivaji Nagar...
  6. S

    Is it common to wait for months before date of joining?

    I passed out this year, 2011 from a real crappy UPTU college. I got placed in a fairly well known company in Jan. 2011... it was one of like three companies that considered our college for recruitment. I did not attend the few other placement opportunities for our college after getting...
  7. clerkman1612

    Are job placement center useful in getting a better jobs?

    Are job placement center really useful in getting a better job?. I meant by salary,scope n career.:smile: Or we should directly go to companies directly or at least through job sites such as naukri,monster? 3 years ago I was looking for a small job that time. I met 3 or 4 job placement center(I...
  8. Y

    Is the placement cancelled if there is a backlog in the 7th semester?

    I've got placed in l&t infotech. i already had 2 backlogs in my 2nd year which i cleared before appearing for interview and thus got placed. the problem is that i got a backlog in 7th semester too. i will clear it before the joining date. but i violate the criteria of only 2 backlogs and...
  9. krates

    Were you a better geek before joining thinkdigit ???

    Were you a better geek before joining No.1 technology forum thinkdigit ??? :lol:
  10. ztbryan

    Are there any people placed in Wipro ?

    I've been placed in Wipro through a campus interview and was told that I was to start by March 2009. I am yet to be given any confirmation on the exact joining date and place. If there are any guys out there who could fill me on the details of the joining procedure of Wipro, would you please...
  11. Garbage

    Finally I'm in IT... Any suggestions ?

    Hi all... After completing my B.Sc.(Computer Science) with Distinction from University of Pune, finally I'm joining TCS on 17 October 2008. :) I've been waiting for this since a year. They selected us on 13 August 2007. Just yesterday, I got an email about joining dates. I've to attain a...
  12. red_devil

    What should I do ??

    Hey guys i have completed my BE and have got placed in wipro in campus placements.. but the company hasn't given the joining date yet and its likely that the joining date may be delayed to as late as january 2009:mad: i am now sitting idle at home... so please suggest me what i should do...
  13. dheeraj_kumar

    Talwalkars - Are they worth joining?

    Yo people, I decided to finally join some gym after half my pants were about to pop their buttons off... well not that pathetic, but you get the point... so I wanted a 1 year fitness program, and suddently there was this article about a Talwalkars center arnd 10-15 mins from my house, newly...
  14. lionheart133


    ummmm guyz who is the oldest member in the digit forum???? i meant in joining date
  15. Mohi

    Help Help Help

    Hi, What is Oracle????? And how can i learn visual basic without joining an institute or teacher????HELP HELP HELP!!!!:confused:
  16. A

    Kolkata LUG

    Ok guys I guess we need a new LUG, ILUG-cal is not active at all:confused: I am in the process of starting a new LUG let me know who is interested in joining. But be warned we are going to be really really active.:D Cheers!
  17. T

    Connecting 8 computers

    Hi there, it seems i have approach the forum only when in problems. well i need the help of network gurus out here. i live in a hostel. there are 7 of my friends who have computers. whats the best way of joining these pc's to my pcs without setting a whole lan thing with server and stuff? of...
  18. T

    Problem with HDD

    I've an 80gb hdd All the drives are in NTFS format I wanted to join 2 drives without formatting them. So i used Partition manager to join them When the Partition manager is joining them,it displayed an error 1513 and error 983. it stopped joining them saying that the drive is having lot of...
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