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  1. C

    Even with admin account windows 8.1 gives Access Denied

    Im using Windows 8 for very first time & I installed & activated windows 8.1 pro. & created Administrator local account but still windows 8.1 gives me access denied for most of the task (even for editing text file i have to run notepad as admin by right click option & open the file from notepad)...
  2. H

    Cannot setup USB Modem in Linux. Help!!

    I have the Prithvi branded BSNL EVDO modem. This is the guide that I followed - How to Connect to Internet from BSNL EVDO Prithvi UE100 modem in Linux(Ubuntu) In that guide, he was using Ubuntu but I am using Linux Mint 13 (Mate edition). That should not cause any problem since Mint is...
  3. S

    Court Bans access to torrent sites !!!!

    If you try to access piratebay.se, Ahashare or kickasstorrents you will be surprised to see the message " Access to this website is denied as per Court Orders" India is going the way China follows !!! I am worried about the happenings
  4. Garbage

    Denied bail, SpeakAsia COO flees

    Source - Denied bail, SpeakAsia COO flees - The Times of India
  5. v.Na5h

    Some Queries??

    Making a folder 'access denied' ?? Hiding files...making files in a drive delete-proof without any application A. Everybody has a huge collection of R-rated movies or tv shows like spartacus,game of thrones, californication which we do not want others to access But how do we hide them...
  6. ayushman9

    Windows 7 SP1 installation error (Access is denied)

    Windows update showed me ,that sp1 (final) is available . It automatically downloaded it ,but while installing said "Access is denied) I went to Microsoft download website ,manually downloaded the service pack . But even then when i run it simply it says "Access is denied" .If i run it with...
  7. C

    unlocking a folder

    plz help mw im transfgering data frm my old hdd but the acess is denied ...i had not put any passwords to the old hdd
  8. J

    Which is the Best Windows XP Restore Software

    Please tell, which is the Best,fast & Easy to use "Windows XP Restore software", which should be Already Installed in Computer for emergency, if by Chance Windows XP Corrupt & denied to Start and the Software can Restore Windows without any loss of Data in C Drive.
  9. rajat22


    Whenever I want to install Virtual CD 10.1 I am getting 'VCD V10 object access denied' error. I am a registered user of Virtual CD. Any solve??
  10. rajwansh2003

    Utorrent error

    when i am using utorrent i give error while downloading !!!!!! [2009-03-25 16:35:16] Error opening Windows firewall: 0x80070005 Access is denied.
  11. veddotcom

    Anyone Using Google Adsense?I Need Your Help

    Hey Friend, These Days I m Creating my Own blog Through "blog.co.in" in Beginning I Registered With Google Adsense by Giving my Blog's Link, But After 2-3 Days They Denied my New Account Request, I don't know why (May be Due to NOT EVEN SINGLE POST), But Today I am Seeing Google Adsense Ads on...
  12. J

    Help me please

    How can i remove the "Windows Script Host" it says Loading Script C:\WINDOWS\auto.vbs (Access is denied ) . please help me....
  13. D

    Computer Management does not open

    when i try to open computer management (from control panel- administrative tools- computer management) i get this error message- C:\WINDOWS\system32\compmgmt.msc access is denied i scanned my pc for viruses & spyware but found nothing..overall my pc is running fine. how do i open...
  14. Sridhar_Rao

    Multiple viruses

    I run my system on Ubuntu. I also installed Avast for Linux. As I plugged in a USB pen drive, Linux asked me if a program be allowed to execute; obviously I denied permission. A thorough scan revealed 6 trojans in the drive. Had I used this drive on my laptop running on XP, it surely would have...
  15. swap_too_fast

    FOlder....locked permanent

    Hey friends...recentley I download software named folder lock.BUt I used it to lock folder but as I want to open that folder Again...This software cant open it...and I tried DOs prompt to open it but it says "accesss denied". After then I removedmy HDD and connet it to other machine, but there...
  16. chicha

    user permission denied in redhat 4

    i have a red hat 4 and when i create a user from the # promt it creates and then allwos me to add password to it. but when i try to switch user it does not ask for password, and directly goes to the user promt. and there the most basic ls command is not working, no other commands work too...
  17. life31

    Help! Help!! Suddenly some new folders appeared in my G drive. Help!! What are they!!

    Hey just now I happened to check my G drive and suddenly I noticed some two folders named ff0f0a219308ae522998da6110d119af & MyWorks to be there. I never added any items to it nor I installed any software having path G drive. Then how did they appear. Let me tell you that my system has 5...
  18. BBThumbHealer

    .DLL Access Denied :: Help Needed ! :(

    Replaced the authui.dll file in windows vista with a modified one and now the windows gets stuck at the logon.. tried to replace the modified one using move on boot and unlocker but no respite ! dual booting windows vista and xp , but when i try to replace the file in system32 of windows vista...
  19. Sridhar_Rao

    Comodo firewall: Inbound policy violation

    I am using comodo firewall, things were fine until recently. I am fed up of inbound policy violation resulting in access being denied. Some of the traffic is inbound from ip address such as some from I don't understand what is going on, but I am plagued by loss of...
  20. Gigacore

    Cant edit wvdial.conf, please help!

    hi guys. i cant edit wvdial.conf in Ubuntu gg, it says permission denied. please help me
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