1. D

    Interesting Blogs

    I spend my spare time looking at some fascinating blog pages . Here is a list of blogs that I consume: Gwern Andy Matuschak Paul Graham Linus LessWrong
  2. Vyom

    The Blogger's Thread

    The Blogger's Thread Promotion of blog for commercial reason is against the rules of the forum. Hence this thread is only to share your personal blogs and have discussions on them. As long as discussions remain on this thread and you don't start PMing about them to members you are safe. If we...
  3. Zangetsu

    Girl blogs photos of thief who stole her phone

    Girl blogs photos of thief who stole her phone as he forgets to turn off camera sync... source: Girl blogs photos of thief who stole her phone as he forgets to turn off camera sync n00b thief :lol:
  4. U

    Template Suggestion

    Hello Guys! I am a Blogger from New Delhi blogging at UrbnGeek: Tech Blog I want to know- Is my Blog's Template good? Or do i need to change it? If you want me to change it, then please suggest some good blogger template which should match with my blog's content and topic. Here is the URL-...
  5. P

    earning $ from youtube?

    guys, is there a way to earn some $ from youtube? like blogs, can adsense be applied in youtube too?
  6. T

    portal website

    Hi, Is there any free open source portal available?(like wordpress for blogs)
  7. jxcess3891

    Grate Acheivement of The Think Digit.....

    * Peopal of digit are very much foolish. they dont have funny bones in body as they has no sence of humuor. they are all zombys sitting everyday on net and making copys of other peopals blogs for there magzein. they...
  8. veddotcom

    Anyone Using Google Adsense?I Need Your Help

    Hey Friend, These Days I m Creating my Own blog Through "" in Beginning I Registered With Google Adsense by Giving my Blog's Link, But After 2-3 Days They Denied my New Account Request, I don't know why (May be Due to NOT EVEN SINGLE POST), But Today I am Seeing Google Adsense Ads on...
  9. Worried From Bugs

    Shocked!! They providing Free Domain Name for Blogs

    Free Domain Name for Blogs! I have found a Site, that is providing FREE premium domain name for Blogs. See this page: * :-o
  10. soumya

    The Best Windows Vista Blog Contest 2008

    WinVistaClub is organising a contest to recognise some of the best Windows Vista Blogs and Websites. If you run a blog or a website, which primarily focuses on Windows Vista you can submit your blog and participate. The blogs will be judged on the basis of quality of content, integrity...
  11. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Good news for Sony Ericssson Users, our new froum

    We have started our new forum ! We offer a lots of user generated content for downloads and have a great forum with lots of experts !! from general discussions to flashing and patching ! To arcade zone and blogs ! hope to see you soon in there ! Visit us at *
  12. a_k_s_h_a_y

    link exchange

    i am looking for link exchange to blogs.. any one there ??
  13. life31

    How can i implement RSS to my site????

    Ok i have a classified site up and running so what i wanted is to integrate RSS or XML (whatever) to it so that whenever a new add is posted it would get directly mailed to all the subscribed members. Something like which is used in blogs where you just need to enter your email and subscribe...
  14. mayneu

    where do i find them???

    i need one information regarding the blogs. as we all know that there are some lakhs of blogs sites on the internet. but we come across only few blogs which are listed by google or in some other sites. is there a method or trick where we can get the list of all the blogs available on the...
  15. Sridhar_Rao

    Should blogs be submitted to google for indexing?

    I am new to blogs, I registed myself for blog at google's I also own a website. I have posted some contents on my blog and given a external link to my website for further information. This way I am providing external link to my website and hope that this will improve page...
  16. tinku dhar

    GOOGLE Ads not seen in my PC :( (help me guyz)

    well ... , guys ... im unable to see my blogs ads .... ( now only tht im unable to see ads frm alll blogs and friends site :( i just see is search ...... i use KASPERSKY 7 wat may be the prob plz help me
  17. ╬Switch╬

    Image hosting script????

    I want to create a site where people can upload their own images for their blogs. Do you know of any such scripts?? Thankyou..
  18. Gigacore

    How to: Increase Website Traffic

    Hi Guys i've found a interesting guide from Wiki's How to, which tells how to get more traffic to a new website. Hmmm... this can also be used for blogs and forums too.... Lemme See
  19. max_demon

    My Blog Sucks , need advise See , it is not that much good , i saw many blogs with many features , Plugins i think . So , what should i do to improve traffic ?
  20. anandk

    Microsoft to focus on Students: Readying Channel 8

    Microsoft is readying Channel 8, the latest social-networking site targeted at students, in its arsenal. While rumors swirl that Microsoft might be considering buying FaceBook, the company is continuing to build out its own family of blogs, wikis, video and other community-outreach tools to...
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