Anti-virus for college office without internet connection

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When i click them, it opens the command prompt and shows an error.Something something cannot b found. The destination leads to System32 when i highlight it with mouse pointer. Now how is this not a virus/malware/whateverware issue.. I cant even delete them because deep down inside those shortcuts my documents are trapped.

However, i looked up in the internet and solved the issue. I finally got my precious documents back. a not so lenghty process,something to do with command promt fiddling around. Half the work done by Malwarebyte and the rest done by google searching.
But i expected a Antivirus software to do that for me...

Alwaus , install a good anti-virus. i advice you to get bitdefender anti-virus. try it for free for 30 days before buying. or else ,get bitdefender new free edition.


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You can try Kaspersky...its really good. Personally I use quick heal. They have offline updates as well & good support. Else you can try Malwarebytes+MS Security Essentials combo as Kunal has suggested. But you sure need to get your university to purchase licensed software. Helps in the long run man!
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