1. A

    which broadband is best in chandigarh to play bf4 and bfhardline on pc as well as ps4?

    i live in chandigarh and i want a new connection with great pings any suggestions. and also tell me the quality of networks here in chandigarh some guys say airtel some says reliance is best for ping . you guys tell me whats truth.
  2. K

    Need Advice !!

    I am from Delhi and looking for directaccess appliance. I did a lot of research on web. I found a review by celestix networks. I am looking for something like that. I want to know a good place to get that. Help me out please.
  3. RBX

    Suggestions for M.Tech. dissertation topic (Computer Science)

    I wanted to make something on Neural Networks and went for their application on Cryptanalysis but found that substantial research has been already done, then my guide suggested the topic 'an analysis of methods and accuracy of financial markets using neural networks' -- I can tell by a simple...
  4. G

    Xperia Neo V wifi stopped working

    Hi, i've had my neo v for almost two years now without too many problems,but yesterday it stopped detecting my home WIFI network....It detects other networks but i'am not sure if it will connect with them as those networks are password protected...i'am really confused as to why it just...
  5. R

    Affiliate Marketing in India

    Hey guys, How many of you are into Affiliate Marketing? i.e - selling products on behalf of others and taking a commission? Now that Amazon is here, it has started its own affiliate program. However, as I've been in the industry for a couple of years, I'm still surprised to see that AM...
  6. P

    My wlan receiver not workin! PLS HELP..

    Hey i have a compaq laptop which is about 5 years old. When i was using the existing windows xp sp 2 it was detecting all the wifi networks around me. Recently i formatted it And installed win xp sp 3 in it. Then the sound and wifi drivers were gone. I installed both of these from hp's site...
  7. sarathsnair

    windows 7 multiple network, no internet connection

    hai guys i have windows 7 home premium in my laptop. in the network and sharing center i can see two networks namely parappurathu(network name) which is home network and also another one called undefined network which is public. i have a bsnl broadband connection but i cant get internet...
  8. R

    Domains in Network Area for project

    Hi everyone. I am currently doing my M.E CSE in Chennai. This semester i need to do project work. My area of interest is networks. But i am not clear whether to choose mobile computing or ad-hoc networks as my core. So kindly shed some information. Also can someone say what all subareas exist in...
  9. Cool Buddy

    25% disount on mobile recharge

    source read carefully and follow it works, I already tried on 3 phones (3 networks)
  10. ico

    Which mobile service provider to choose? (Delhi-NCR)

    My primary number is an MTNL number. I'm very satisifed from their service. My plan is MTNL Vidyarthi and here's what it gives me with a monthly recharge of Rs. 310. Talk time of Rs. 106 Free unlimited calls and SMS to every MTNL mobile and landline 100 MB of 3.5G 100 minutes video calling to...
  11. D

    3G phone for temporary use in US

    Dear all respected members, I am visiting USA next month, I would like to buy a mobile phone which can be used for 3G services out there (AT&T / T-Mobile networks). Can anyone please tell me which make and model shall I have to buy or the primary specification of Cellphone required for the...
  12. Krow

    Can't enable wi-fi on Linux Mint 10

    When I right click on the network manager icon, I can't see any option to "Enable Wireless". Ubuntu 10.10 detected wireless networks out of the box, but Mint has not done that. Tried manual configuring by putting password etc, but didn't get too far. :( Anyone help? I did try troubleshooting...
  13. G

    Google mistakenly collects private data from Wi-Fi networks

    ha ha read the article:
  14. L

    3G in India

    Whats the progress of 3g network in India? When are we going to benefit its advantage? Also Tata docomo & Rel tell that there networks are 3g enabled that why we don't get 3g network on a 3g enabled mobile phone???
  15. anshul

    Help!! Vista Ultimate not detecting networks...

    My friend has a newly bought PC with Vista Ultimate installed on it......We all live in the institutes hostel and have a network..... The problem is that his PC is not detecting any networks except an unknown network and the Internet connectivity is not possible. I have tried reinstalling...
  16. P

    Wi Fi Network

    Why dont local ISP in city implement WPA2 security in their networks.
  17. R

    Problem with creating ad-hoc wireless network in Windows XP

    Hello, Im trying to connect my HCL laptop running Windows XP to another Lenovo laptop which also runs Windows XP , using an ad-hoc wireless connection . Both laptops have an inbuilt wireless adapter. I followed the steps given at...
  18. T

    Nokia Siemens Double EDGE Speeds

    Nokia Siemens Networks' Dual Carrier EDGE solution, which will be available as a software upgrade, is the first step in evolving EDGE. Dual Carrier is based on the 3GPP release 7 standard. As a strong innovator of EDGE Evolution, Nokia Siemens Networks already has additional plans to introduce...
  19. techking_dinesh

    All Hamachi Networks Post Here

    Well it is a lot of trouble finding hamachi networks to play online so i created this thread where everyone can post their own networks or the well known networks that they know so that it is easy for all here r some from my side: ( Not my Networks ) Game: Age of Empire all versions...
  20. V

    Forum for Computer Science

    Friends can you please suggest me forums for DBMS,Operating System & Computer Networks.
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