All ABOut ROMS!!!

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I Think that a roms life is for 8-12months
thats it!!!
This is how i started to think of
Firstly i purchased a writer of lg,after 8 months its giving me problems while reading the cds,Then I purchased a combo of samsung,within six months the tray was not closing properly,and today its also not reading Cd's at all,so I purchased a new writer of lg today!!!!
Lets see for how much time it will be with me!!!
So my main agenda of telling all this to you why roms are getting damaged in a short time
Can anyone give me measures to increase the life of CD-roms,writers and combo!!!
My vendor told me that he will change the lens of my combo,then MAY BE it will work fine,so shall i go for it???????
Ttotally confused related to roms!!
Help Me


I'm using my ROM (Samsung) since last 5 years and my writer drive (LG) since last 2 years with out any problem! Its either coencidence that your luck was not with you both the times or may be its somethinh to do with your handling of the drives! :p


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phew!!! i thought u were talking abt ROMs used in video game systems like NES, N64, Gameboy,

and yeah, u seem 2 have a unique problem...i never had any trouble....drives work just fine even after 5 years.....


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Hey, reading the topic, even I thought the discussion was about ROMS as in video games, emulation stuff, etc, etc. I think the topic could be modified to CD drives or omething like that, instead of ROMS, which is totally miseading.


i thought it was about ROM,EPROM chips....!!!!!
it's better to buy a new drive than changing the lens...........
Why do u keep on sticking to Samsung or LG, go for Sony or Asus....


neerajvohra said:
My vendor told me that he will change the lens of my combo,then MAY BE it will work fine,so shall i go for it???????
Ttotally confused related to roms!!
Help Me
That might work out, and hey...your warranty isn't void yet.
Secondly, check your PSU. Seems like a faulty cable or bad earthing to me.


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Many, many users have had bad experience with Samsung optical drives. I and others posted details in earlier threads. Personally, I use Liteon, Sony and Asus drives for myself and my clients.

LG has a better track record than Samsung. The short life of your LG drive could be just bad luck, or caused by your environment, or bad usage habits.

Are you using your computer in a dusty/smoky/smoggy environment ? If so, try to improve the environment as far as practicable and cover your computer whenever it's turned off.

Are you in the habit of leaving your CDs uncovered for long periods with the recorded side facing up ? If you do that, dust will settle on the surface and some of it will be transferred onto the lens and other components inside the drive when you insert it.


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i too thought that it would be some topic about variants of
CD, DVD....... but little bit off-focus

I have used my first drive for more than 3 years.
Then, it had some problems.
Now i m using my LG writer for more than 2 years

I think its bad luck for u.

i think there's no tool to test the health.
but u can check for amount of time taken to copy a CD
if this varies very much, u can then understand the health at that time.



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i also thought the thread was abt gba snes nes etc roms. ne ways those interseted in gba roms can go to this link
well the life of ur rom depends upon the usage maitenance build quality. regularly clean it with the lens cleaner.



even i entered this topic to help some guys get some game roms

and dang !! it was some cd roms thinggy

emu-russia surely rocks for roms and emulators

google it

wont give the direct link :wink:


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What I have found about CD-Drives...


My 1998-bought PC has CD-Drive by BTC (Behaviour Tech. Corp.,Taiwan) and it is still working fine, though has started giving tray trouble.And I have used it heavily, but with care and is 24x.

My realtive has LG Writer (52x24x52x) since last 1.5 yr..Works fine and is very quiet while opening/closing.

My friend has Samsung Writer (48x24x52x) which writes ok, if you somehow manage to close the drive... :wink: has to press the tray inside to keep it away from ejecting.And that's very irritating!

I have found BTC, Asus and LG drives running fine.But, YMMV! :roll:




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same here bro
have had problems with lg drives . my 1st 1 went bad in bout 6 months , n the 2nd , took only 4-5 weeks !!!!!!! m never buyin ne lg product from now on , as they say 2wice bitten ......
have a samsung writer , nd hasnt given me no probs in the last 2 years


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i am using an lg 40x cdrom since the last 6 years without any problems! just keep the lenz klean...

also using an lg 32x cdrw since 3 prob at all...i've seen that samsung drives tend to develop tray problems...avoid samsung...


Thx for Suggestions and all
I will remember that from now onwards
I purchased a New Dvd writer From Sony
Plus a Cd-rom From lg!!
Will Take A good Care this time
May my lucks shines
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