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Advice needed: Best midrange Android ICS phone with 4.3 Inch+ Screen < 24K price


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Hi friends, please help me in buying an Android Smart phone with a maximum budget of 24K.

Minimum Requirements:

a) 4.3 Inch Display (Minimum)
b) ICS 4.0
c) Dual Core
d) Front Camera (Required - Minimum VGA)
e) Rear Camera (Required - minimum 5MP)
f) RAM 1GB (if not 768MB)
g) Decent Battery life

Average Daily Usage Pattern:

Email Client / Whatsapp / Skype / Fring / Facebook – connected 24/7 in background
1 to 2 hours of regular phone calls each day
1 to 2 hours of voice calls in Fring / Skype each day
Not a heavy game user, but word with friends / chess in background

Short listed phones:

a) Motorola Atrix 2 - (Approximately 21K)
b) LG optimus L9 (Releasing shortly & expected to be 23K)
c) Huawei Ascend G600 (Releasing during Diwali festival & expected to be 17K)

Are there any other phone choices below 24K? Sony Xperia P (@ 24K) & Xolo X900 (@ 18K) are excellent phones but screen size is limited to 4 Inch 

As of now, I am ready to wait another month & buy LG optimus L9. Do LG phones have good service support in India? Is there any other choice of phones ?


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Xperia S is already selling for 26k. Wait and try raising your budget by 1k more as by Diwali price is bound to fall to 25k level.


Xperia S is really a very good option.
Otherwise if you can find HTC Sensation, then it is a good phone for 22k.Or Xperia P is good too for 22k


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Thanks for your suggestions. But, as of now, i cannot find Xperia S for 26K. The local resellers quote a price of 27400/-. I hope Diwali cut the price down. Friends, what is your opinion on LG L9 ?. Is it a good phone?. It might be available in India in first week of October.


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LG phones are not that good and also lg doesnt have good after sale services....well Galaxy S2 is available easily around 25k now...if u can increase then Xperia S is also a good option:)


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Hi all, thanks for the advices & support. Finally i have managed to extend my budget & finalized on SGS3. Recent price drop to 34,990 was tempting enough to extend the budget. I've some queries on S3, will post them in a new thread. Thanks once again for everyone's support.


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Would recommend an Xperia S

I like Xperia S & it is really an awesome phone. The price with the local dealer is also fair @ 26,500. But, i have ended up ordering 2 leather cases for SGS3, along with Spigen Screen protector. Will buy the phone as sooner one of the case arrive first.
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