1. A

    Suggest a laptop. budget 24K

    Suggest a laptop. Want to buy for my wife..( teacher ) Use : to use it to connect to a projector / TV (HDMI) Microsoft Office PPT / Word playing some videos. nothing more than that Spec : 15" screen or more HDMI connectivity WIFI...
  2. adityak469

    GTX 770 for 24k

    Flipkart as always, is offering an awesome discount on some products. These products include GTX 660,670, 760,770. The discount is of flat 15% off for selected products, and that means you can get a GTX770 for 24k only. So if you are planning to get a GPU, this may be the best time to get it...
  3. P

    Mobile(Android) under 24k

    Was seeing xperia zl 23.9k at indiatimes but it went out of stock when I went to order :-x (Any coupon code or time to wait for its price to come down on snapdeal or at others) Can any one here comment on battery life and camera of Nexus 4( on kitkat ) ..(Reviews are not so true about battery)...
  4. izzikio_rage

    Galaxy S2 from US ?

    Hi everyone Some of my relatives are coming over from the US in a weeks time. I'm planning to get the Samsung Galaxy S2 from there for around 24k, could you please advise me if there is a better option available in this price or below it. 24k is pretty much what I am planning to spend...
  5. D

    Advice needed: Best midrange Android ICS phone with 4.3 Inch+ Screen < 24K price

    Hi friends, please help me in buying an Android Smart phone with a maximum budget of 24K. Minimum Requirements: a) 4.3 Inch Display (Minimum) b) ICS 4.0 c) Dual Core d) Front Camera (Required - Minimum VGA) e) Rear Camera (Required - minimum 5MP) f) RAM 1GB (if not 768MB) g)...
  6. M

    want a smart phone within 24K

    well, i am eager to buy a smartphone within a budget of 24K and immensely confused between the Galaxy S advance HTC Sensation Xperia P. well, the basic features i am looking for in a camera would be a decent screen size of 4+ inches, camera on both sides, a fast processor, technology that...
  7. coolest111

    Xperia Arc S

    I am getting Xperia Arc S For 24k....will it suffice for next 1-1.5 yrs..any other suggestions for 24k....?
  8. deepak_ds

    need to buy a 3d monitor with glasses

    i want to buy a 3D monitor with glasses in the range of 24k. Please suggest some :)
  9. webgenius

    Samsung Galaxy S2 for 22 to 24k INR. Worth the deal?

    Hello guys, I just enquired with an electronic shop here and they are quoting the price of S2 at 24k (after conversion to INR). I believe, he might reduce by another 2k after bargain. Is a S2 at 22 to 24k a good deal? He is quoting iPhone4 at the same price. It is a GSM unlocked...
  10. T

    need a mobile (range 24k)

    hey guys i need a cellphone 24k range..confused b/w vivaz and satio..camera is my main priority but andoid is second in my lost..if any other options are there please suggest that also.. thanks :):razz::-P
  11. P

    Friends Suggest Me a Best Configuration with best Performance for not more than 23k

    Friends Suggest Me a Best Configuration with best Performance for not more than 24k Friends my uncle asked Me to assemble a best system with quality components but not more than 24k. I am thinking of amd phenom II with 2GB DDR3 etc..
  12. P

    help needed to build gaming rig under 24k

    Hi. i want to build best possible gaming rig under 24k including LCD Monitor and UPS. Please suggest your configuration.
  13. asingh

    Dell 24" S2409W vs Benq 24" G2412HD

    Hi, Am thinking about a 24" computer display. Why is there such a price difference between the above two. Dell is like ~ 24K and the BenQ is ~12K. How good are BenQ monitors...any other suggestions..?????
  14. george101

    Best Phone Within 24k???

    guys am planning to buy a new phone and has been planning for almost a month but still has not decided. am confused whether to go for 5800 or stretch my budget and go for N85? is 24k justified for N85? does it have any problems? i liked 5800 in papers but wen i held it in my hand i felt it a...
  15. frederick_benny_digit

    n82, n95 or n85 ????

    hey i need a new fone in 20K budget STRICT... 5mp camera, music main criteria...flaunt value also important :P zeroed in to these fones....i guess xenon flash not so imp ... the sliders look sexy. the 3.5mm jacks wud be very ehlpful...i heard the 8gb versions are some 24K for n95 n...
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