Abnormal CPU/Chipset Error No Booting & No POST



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Re: Abnormal CPU/Chipset Error No Booting & No POST

congrats :) so you got the same cpu back, right?

Yes Got the same CPU but I think the rev. is little bit different. :)

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when I feel excited about something I don't mind give Extra Quotes is my writings :)
after all it was a long battle when you don't have your precious own created DATA with you for the past 2 Months and finally able to solve your computer problem.Expect this type of writings from people like me :)
enjoy the day.


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Congrats bro for your efforts :D enjoy using the new cpu.

Thanks man.....!!!!!!
now my 1TB WD Green HDD is almost full.
Thinking to buy a new one may be 1TB Green Or 1TB Blue.
The thing is WD has reduced its warranty on their HDD.
Earlier it was 3 years to 5 years limited warranty on WD products but now I see only 2 years on WD Green & Blue Drives and only Black drives have 5 years warranty but the Black drives are very expensive.
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every manufacturers have followed the same path except some Hitachi HDDs which have 3 years warranty but they are not widely available and may be of version with 1TB+. So you better get WD Blue.
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