1. Aditya11

    ac-Router with blinking LEDs to indicate the network activity

    Hi all. I need an ac-router whose front panel LEDs blink when there is download or any other data transfer activities going on. I purchased TP-LINK Archer C50 AC1200 four days back but it has static LEDs and I am going to return it, more so since the coverage isn't exactly great either...
  2. mitraark

    Decent VFM Laptop Cooler needed

    Used the term VFM because I m not exactly fixed on a budget. Planning to keep the spending low because I'm not going to buy it for myself :D But don't want to buy any cheap cooler either. Features I'm looking for * Plain and simple design, neo-modern-ish * Metal Base, i think it...
  3. aniket.cain

    PC wont boot after Lightning and Rain - LED on GPU glows

    Hi Guys! Today was a bad start for a weekend. It was raining quite heavily last night with thunderstorms, and I had gone to sleep early with my PC turned off. When I woke up this morning, the PC wont turn on, and the SMPS fan wont even rotate. But the 2 leds on my GPU blink steadily for...
  4. seamon

    Home made Laptop cooler Digit Edition.

    My Y500 with dual GT 650m was overheating because of overclocking and the soft table cloth under it so I decided to create a laptop cooler using old cardboard Digit covers. The results are pretty good as now I am getting 82 degrees centigrade when maxing out AC IV Blackflag. Earlier the temps...
  5. evewin89

    Abnormal CPU/Chipset Error No Booting & No POST

    Evewin LakraBIOSTAR Mobo And AMD CPU. No Booting Sound is coming,No POST. 6 days back I got into this problem & I still Don't Have The Solution To Fix This issue. My Biostar Pc is not booting........(No Booting Sound is coming) I tried everything I know. but its not letting me to even enter...
  6. avinandan012

    RGB LED matrix

    can anyone tell me where i can find RGB LEDs or LED matrix s in India?
  7. CyberKID

    LED's for Home Lighting

    LED's for Home Lighting Introduction to LED's In simple terms, LED's are simple devices made up of semiconductors which emit light when electricity is applied to them. LED's or Light Emitting Diodes are becoming extremely popular owing to their extremely low power consumption, bright light...
  8. Blue Ripazah

    LED lighting for cabinet

    ok guys i just got some stuff 1 rechargeable 4v battery 10 coloured leds (small ones) 5 white leds (a little brighter than small ones) 1 switch and wire ......now can anybody help me making a circuit in order to make my cabinet glow
  9. koolent

    Modding My way.. Need to know number of LEDs my Adapter can handle..

    Hi, I have a Hilex 1.5V - 12V 500MA, AC - DC adapter.. I need to know how many 2V LEDs can be connected to this adapter.. ??? Think I will need at least 10 LEDs. I am working to make my RiG look pretty good as its a simple basic one with nothing flashy, but has capability To sport...
  10. koolent

    Talking about Modding.. Some Problems.. :)

    Hi, I want to ask about modding my case.. PSU - Corsair CX430 v2 Well, I will not be buying strips and Rods as my Case has no side window, but wherever I can I will.. So basically I am talking about Individual 2v LEDs, haw many 2v LEDs can be installed to one 4-Pin connector ? The...
  11. Desmond

    LEDs that emit more optical power than what it consumes.

  12. MegaMind

    Onida LED TV. Any idea?

    Hello fellow members of TDF, my brother is planning on a 32" LED/LCD TV. Budget ~30K He got a quote of 30.5K for Onida LEO32NMSF100L(LED) from Next showroom. Anyone came across onida LEDs?
  13. J

    Power consumption of plasma TV

    Hi, How significantly this is more with plasma as compared to LED TV? Whether plasma have far better viewing experience as compared to LED's? ----Does it really make difference to choose one technology over other? Thx
  14. Nipun

    My Monster Computer + Gadgets + LED Lights in cabinet [WARNING: 24MB!!]

    I decided to make a thread to show off everything I have. Sure, there are many much better products available but these are the best in my friends circle and relatives :P :) And also, my computer may not be as "monster" as of many others, but its still the best computer I have used till now...
  15. C

    Need Urgent Help.system Not Starting

    hey guyz,just got a major problem up my sleeve. i have purchased the following config i7 2600k msi p67A GD65-b3 gskill ripjaws X 8GB corsair hx850(new RMAed) 2x 1TB hdd gtx 580 lightning. now this is the problem. All leds on the board lightup.the cpu fan and other fans spin.then i...
  16. A

    leds vs lcds

    i know that lcds can be either glossy or matte . but are leds alwayz supposed to be glossy because my friend got 1 and it is glossy.Or can they also be matte .
  17. A

    doubts regarding leds

    are leds supposed to be glossy always.....or they can be matte ???? and pls tell me what to opt for 19th inch or 22inch monitors???
  18. G

    Siemens c2110 not working blinking cont..

    Please help on this problem. my modem warranty has expired after upgrading my frameware . I have a problem with my Siemens C2110 ADSL modem. The LEDs on the modem is blinking always. I turned on the modem while the PC is off and the phone line disconnected, then all the LEDs turn on, which...
  19. vik.1912

    Will this Damage the MB..?

    I want to connect 2 more LEDs from the HDD LED PIN on the MB in parallel.. i.e Pin 1 & 3 I have LEDs that are rated 3v Que..Should I do this? can this cause any problem...?
  20. Y

    k9ngm-L power led setting issue

    Hey frnds i accidentally pulled out all the leds on my K9NGM-L motherboard and now my PC does'nt starts, can u show me the correct settings for all the LEDs including power Led???? Plzzz Hurry up!!!!!!!!!
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