1. F

    Hello Everyone: A New Member is Here

    Hi Friends, I am new member of this forum, Today I have joined it. So first of all I want to say hello to every senior members here.
  2. S

    [Complaint] Hitachi Service for AC installation in Kolkata

    Hi everyone, I purchased a hitachi 1.5 ton AC on the 15th of April, with the product being delivered on the 18th (service request for installation raised on the same day). After that, I have called the customer care number (35324848) 3-4 times. Everytime some very apologetic personnel assured me...
  3. V

    [Complaint] Feels like Cheated, want complete replacement of ACER laptop...

    I bought Acer 4820TG laptop around 6 months ago. Since then only I was facing problem with it. Earlier fan module was not working properly and it used to get shut down after over-heating. I called CC and technician visited me in soon. When he opened my laptop I found that the blade of the fan...
  4. A

    Senior Citizen Discount..

    Can senior citizens avail 50% discount on first AC rail travel?
  5. S

    mobile for senior people

    hi i want a very basic mobile phone for senior person. it should have large number to dial ,non qwerty ,non touch screen phone under 5k
  6. D

    What kind of a forum is this?

    A thread of mine just got deleted. No explanations. And the respondent was the one who was rude - not I. But he is I guess 'a senior member'. Oh well that's how it works in this country I guess - this post will soon get deleted as well.
  7. H


    Hi Would appreciate if someone could suggest any IT related courses for Senior Citizens. Person is a BTech and computer savvy. Thanks
  8. NewsBytes

    New Horizons appoints Inder Madhan as Senior VP

    New Horizons India announced the appointment of Inder Madhan as Senior Vice-President of Applied Learning and Services New Horizons India, the Indian arm of the IT training solutions provider, announced the appointment of Inder Madhan as Senior Vice-President of Applied Learning and Services...
  9. S

    Hello everybody

    I am an undergrad. in CSE and a regular reader of Digit. Looking forward for kindness and help from all the senior members. Please feel free to advice me on posting rules(if any). Thank u.:)
  10. J

    editing pics ??!!!

    hello i need a software with which i can edit pictures, for eg swap faces, outline frames, change backgrounds, maybe even add colours or add people in pic can anyone mention the name of any such software which can do this and please if possible mention a link too this is my first post...
  11. ionicsachin

    A question to senior members...

    Sirs... Note: Sorry if this question is repeated. I am a junior member and i just want to know how to get more reply power and become senior member.
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