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  1. Tejo

    Best 2.1 speakers below 4k

    Hi, I am looking to buy a decent 2.1 speakers which I am going to use with my laptop (and sometimes with led tv) mostly for watching movies and listening to indie / pop music. I visited Croma and one other store, but they seem to have only Philips MMS-4040F for demo and rest of the choices are...
  2. S

    5.1 speaker for PC

    I was planning for a basic 2.1 speaker for my PC , got some extra money and I think I could buy a 5.1 speaker for 6K (MAX!!) PC has 5.1 output - on-board (I am not an audiophile, so it wont matter) 10X12 room priority for Surround effects and sound clarity F&D F700UF or Logitech Z506 I am a...
  3. T

    [urgent] 2.1 speakers around 3k

    Hi guys, I have to give a 2.1 system to a friend who is moving to a different city this Sunday. So please suggest a 2.1 system around 3k. He will use it with it PC for movies, music and games.
  4. sumit05

    Suggest a 2.1 speaker for p.c

    Budget 2k.
  5. Ronnie11

    2.1 speakers for Samsung LCD TV

    Hey guys, So i am asking this on behalf of a friend. He owns a 32 inch Samsung lcd tv. Originally he was looking at getting a 5.1 speakers for his television but realised there are no ports for it. It supports only 2.1. So Could you guys recommend a good 2.1 speaker setup for a budget of 10000.
  6. T

    2.1 speakers under 5k

    hi guys, i need 2.1 speakers for music, i am NOT looking for pristine audio quality or bass, just need the best possible balance between loudness and clarity. As loud as possible with as little distortion as possible. Budget is 5000, please help me with your suggestions
  7. Z

    2.1 speakers for GAMING PC under Rs.1700/-

    Hi, I'm looking forward to buy 2.1 speakers for my gaming rig. I watch mostly movies , tv series, listen to EDM music and Gaming like Crysis 3, GTA V etc. Good Bass and Loudness is top priotity. I'm going to buy locally from Nehru place, Delhi My Gaming Rig: intel i5 4440 | Sapphire R9 270x...
  8. T

    Need 2.1 speakers 3k and best portable 2.0 speakers

    Hey guys, I need to buy a 2.1 speaker system for my desktop. I am an audiophile but times are hard and my budget is 3k. I was looking at Edifier X600, F&D A520. What is the best option within 3k? Also I need another set of best possible portable 2.0 speakers not more than 2k that I can carry...
  9. M

    Best 2.1 speakers!!

    I know many would have asked this, i am confused reading all the reviews and stuffs. Need a straight answers from ppl who have used it. Best 2.1 speakers in India? I am not more into BASS, i am looking for clarity of the sound and i need it to be clear and effective. My budget is less...
  10. Thor

    Looking for a decent 2.1 speakers < 3k INR

    Looking for a decent 2.1 speakers &lt; 3k INR Hi Fellas, I am looking for a 2.1 speakers < 3 K INR budget. Having remote is a + Philips MMS4040F 2.1 Multimedia Speaker: Amazon.in: Electronics looks like a decent one . What other alternatives would you suggest ? Regards...
  11. S

    Creative Inspire 2.1 2500 Issue

    Hi Guys, having issue with Creative Inspire 2.1 2500, the left channel is sounding very low, Also if the woofer is turned to medium or more then cannot hear sound from any channel but only hum from subwoofer. Can i purchase an 2.1 amplifier online to hook up the woofer and satellite...
  12. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on 2.1 Speaker to connect to LED TV

    We have a 32" LED TV Samsung and the speakers of the TV are very crappy and hence would need some good 2.1 Speakers. Don't want anything expensive. Also would be great if there is option to connect pen drive to play songs from the Speakers. Budget 1k-3k. Thanks in advance.
  13. T

    Need 2.1 Speakers for Desktop under 3k

    Hi guys, my Creative SBS 5.1 speaker died on me after 7 years. I need a 2.1 system now as 5.1 took a lot of space. I will be using speakers in a medium sized room and I listen to music and watch movies too. Currently I am looking at Creative Inspire T3300. Can anyone suggest a better option...
  14. sahil1033

    Speaker producing constant humming sound !!

    My speaker " Philips SPA5300 " is constantly producing humming like sound which is really annoying, why is this happening?
  15. sahil1033

    Best 2.1 speakers within 1,500 INR

    Please suggest me best 2.1 speakers, maximum budget is 1,500 INR
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