1. S

    only 2 speakers working in 5.1 PC setup

    Hi , I have setup my new F&D F700UF speakers, aux is working fine. But I bought it for 5.1 only. I have setup 5.1 in audio setting, when I test it , only front left and front right are working. Tried with a 5.1 channel audio file in foobar , same , also tried 5.1 movie , I am not getting...
  2. S

    Asus Xonar DG for 5.1 speakers

    I have bought F&D f700UF for my PC (It is ok for me , as no other 5.1 speakers - under 10K have delivery in my area). My sound card audio is - VIA its drivers are not working in Windows 10 64 sound is there , but in audio settings only 2 channel / 4 channel options are there. MB supports 5.1...
  3. A

    Audio system for my TV

    Please suggest if these F&D speakers are good. If i can connect them and get proper 5.1 effect. My TV is BPL LED . I watch movies mainly via chromecast. No HD Channels as of now. My main concern is whether ill get the 5.1 effect. Any other speakers please suggest :). My budget is 10k max. :razz...
  4. ariftwister

    5.1 Surround does not work while playing through HDMI

    Devices TV - Samsung 3D HDTV UA40D6600WRXZN HT - Samsung-HT-D330K 5.1 DTH - SunDirect HD Setup The Home Theatre is connected to TV via Digital optical cable.(HT doesn't have HDMI, optical is the only option). Now the DTH is connected to TV via HDMI (ARC). TV has 4 HDMI ports and only one of...
  5. S

    5.1 speaker for PC

    I was planning for a basic 2.1 speaker for my PC , got some extra money and I think I could buy a 5.1 speaker for 6K (MAX!!) PC has 5.1 output - on-board (I am not an audiophile, so it wont matter) 10X12 room priority for Surround effects and sound clarity F&D F700UF or Logitech Z506 I am a...
  6. S

    Best 5.1 Speaker for Computer under 6 K ?

    My Fenda A 520 2.1 speaker is dead. I was in search for a good speaker. At first I thought I should buy the same , because I really like the bass coming from a 6.5" woofer. But why not a 5.1 speaker ? My PC has 5.1 out put and it will be nice to play Games or watch movies in 5.1!!! My...
  7. sandynator

    5.1 channel speakers to be directly connected to LED Television

    First of all sorry if this question has been asked multiple times in this forum. I recently bought Philips 40PFL4650/V7 Led Tv & need to get good 5.1 channel speakers under 10000 INR which will be directly connected to the tv through Aux in or PC in of speakers. USB/SD card & FM Tuner...
  8. ratul29

    Need Help: Buy New 5.1 Speakers and 3D Blu-ray Player for LED 3D TV

    I have an year old Panasonic L42-ET5D 3D TV. I am looking to add 5.1 Speakers for surround sound. I have a Airtel Digital TV HD. I also want to buy a new 3D Blu-ray Player. I want to output sound to speakers irrespective of whether I watch Digital TV or 3D Player Movie or USB Movie. Can you...
  9. gagan_kumar

    Buying new headphones [5k budget]

    hey, I Need Budget headphones mainly aimed at gaming, would be best if I can get additional 5.1 channel or 7.1 channel support..... I play games like metal gear solid , dota 2, Cs Go etc also occasionally listening to music and watching Bluray FHD 5.1 surround sound movies....
  10. 2kool2btrue

    5.1 speakers under 10k

    Hi.. A friend of mine is looking to buy 5.1 speakers for his medium sized hall.. Would like to, quote, "shake the room". His budget is 10k. Right now have the Logitech Z506 in consideration. What do you guys recommend? Will only be used for music so not sure if 5.1 is the way to go too...
  11. R

    Suggest me 5.1 audio system under Rs.20,000

    Suggest me 5.1 audio system under 20k. i want to get audio output from Minix Neo X8-H Plus media Player. The audio output is via Optical In. I Saw Logitech z906(500w) with optical in for 21K and also Philips HTD5580 dvd player(1000w) with Optical In it also have wireless rear tallboy speaker...
  12. H

    Home theatre system vs 5.1 speakers

    I want best 5.1 surround sound with good bass for my led that has tata sky plus set top box. My query is that what is the difference between home theatre system and 5.1 pc speakers and also the role of a/v receiver and coaxial and s/pdif ports?
  13. hari1

    Need help choosing 5.1 channel speakers

    I want to buy 5.1 channel speakers mostly for listening to music and connecting to my Samsung LED TV. My budget is atmost 7k. I had ordered Logitech Z506 from Paytm earlier in Electronics sale but when I got it, I found that the speakers don't work at all. Checking using an earphone in 3.5mm...
  14. A

    help me finding 5.1 audio

    guys, i ve a creative sound blaster Z in my PC. i am looking for a 5.1 sound system. recommend me suitable things. budget 10-15k
  15. Xai

    SMS Issue: Nexus 4 Android 5 Vodafone

    Hello All, I recently updated Nexus 4 to Android 5.0 (and currently Android 5.1). After the update, I am no longer able to send SMS, but am able to receive SMS from others. Factory reset did not solve the issue. Updated the SMSC number, but that also did not solve the issue. Upgraded to...
  16. sling-shot

    Android 5.1: Unwrapping a new Lollipop update

    Android 5.1: Unwrapping a new Lollipop update ------------------------------- Monday, March 9, 2015 Today we are rolling out Android 5.1 - an update to Lollipop that improves stability and performance and offers a few new features like support for multiple SIM cards, Device Protection and...
  17. I

    Help Suggestions 5.1 Setup with TV+STB+HTPC on budget

    Hi My main aim is to enjoy 5.1 audio on a budget with as less devices as possible. My sources: 1. 1080p movies/TV shows with 5.1 audio downloaded from internet 2. Full HD channels from HD set top box with dolby audio 3. SD Channels My concept: all simultaneous connections 1...
  18. quicky008

    Recommendations needed for a decent 5.1 speaker system within 5-6k

    What will be the best possible 5.1 speaker system within 5-6k?It will be used primarily to watch movies and for gaming and therefore its imperative that the speakers should be able to deliver accurate positional audio and should have reasonably powerful bass as well.Some shopkeepers in our...
  19. M

    Suggetions for Wireless Audio+Video System - TV+Home Theater

    Interior work is running on in my new House. Now, stage come to buy an electronic product line. For drawing room-20'x 18', I need suggestion on combo of latest technology FHD-48"-60" TV + 5.1 Home Theatre system. Sony top of mind for both - TV and HTS, any day. I wish to grab wireless...
  20. M

    Need help to setup wireless Digital Sound Package - TV + Home Theater

    Interior work is running on in my new House. Now, stage come to buy an electronic product line. For drawing room-20'x 18', I need suggestion on combo of latest technology FHD-48"-60" TV + 5.1 Home Theatre system. Sony top of mind for both - TV and HTS, any day. I wish to grab wireless...
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