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23-year-old develops website that matches Orkut!

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That is good. But considering the age, I really expected something better than this.

If the guy is in any other field, we can tell hes really really young, but in software field, 23 yrs means hes not that young.

This site is good but nothing great. I am not discouraging the guy or any Indian, but when the site is launched for public and as it is in newspaper etc, he could have done / modified it better.

Just for example, go to the site, click register, give space bar for all fields, just one space. it allows registration or it takes you through all pages of profile !

Go to compose a message or inbox, nothing is in order or secure.

Come back to his claim - "No one can use slang against anyone through this website and such terms would appear as asterisk. Therefore, women users can safely surf the site sans hesitation," - thats pretty simple and again nothing new.

As I mentioned, this is a good beginning, thats all. May be he will learn more and will bring something better and nice. Good Luck.


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Choto Cheeta said:
U didng get the point mate... Copying idea OK... Very one can do that, but coding ur own web site, !! that's every one cant do, so, the news to me isnt that a new web site is there like orkhut.com rather a person without owning a computer, has developed (coded) a service like that... :)

I think you haven't heard these names b4



+ clones of each popular website is available on net, with source code

all you need to know is how to edit them to work for you.

One more suggestion, stop reading that newspaper,
My god this is a story to publish???????????????

Hell NO.

This is what u call a story

Viv Singh


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such sites are no big deal. My friends also made such orkut like site in their major project in Engineering. I was also a part of that project though at a small level.


>> Page not found

The page you have requested might no longer exist, has had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.


If you typed the page address/URL, make sure it is spelt correctly.

Open the Indiatimes.com homepage or sitemap and look for links to the information you want.

Use the "Back" button on your browser to return to the previous page.

Ohh...! Did Any1 see the update of the SOURCE link :D:p


Search function was not working properly when i tried, i had to wait a bit long so i just stopped searching , He should modify that,,, n yes look is not up to that mark.


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hi friends,

Iam sarathi

thank you all for creating such topic abt my site

I just saw this forum and got many positive responce and negative also

Someone posted that i have copied the site from the source code available in internet

But i am saying you that this is totally wrong

I have not copied anything

Yes i know my site is like orkut...
WHt is new there

But iam saying that yahoo is a mailing server

So why rediff came, Why gmail came

I just made this site as doing coding is my hobbies

Ya i know the desgn is not so good becoz iam frankly speaking tht iam not a good designer

Iam a coder

And i know the security is not good but i need some help from any fanancer so that i can tight my security with the help of any professional one

Now the server is so slow, Yes searching option is not working

This is only due to not having a dedicated server of my own
I have bought some space from a service provider

Iam saying that orkut is abt 4 years older
mine is only 1 month

So who knows in future the looks , the features all will be new..

So kindly dont discourage me becoz i need all of ur support to go ahead

thanking you all



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Someone posted that i have copied the site from the source code available in internet

But i am saying you that this is totally wrong

Who?? If pointing at me, I request you to read my post again

Text below Has no connections with matter above
ON Code copy thing:

Whats Wrong?

If HUGE libraries with TESTED and 100% proven codes are available as OPEN SOURCE

Then whats wrong in using them?

Talking Personally, I will never ever think to write a FORUM script for me if I want to own a website like Digit Forum.

- Demon is Back, Keep watching


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sudhir_mangla said:
This site is created in PHP.
In PHP there are already many web site called orkut clone with source code are easily available.
I too can create one more orkut clone by modifying some UI of the free ones.

excatly...when the reporter's somebody or somebody suported by reporter does something ..it is highlighted..may be wihtout investigation...

even a 12-14 years can make rapidshare,youtube,myspace...
with the help of those clones...
so no big matter..

and main thing innovation earns copy gets the part of it ..and again innovation earns cycles continues


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dude to be frank, the site is amazing and also it contains better features than orkut or any other sites like dat........ all u need to do is to give some final touch, coz a fancy site with no features gets more attention than a site with better features which looks some wat odd.........
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