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  1. soumo27

    AIEEE RESULTS. 5th June. 1 PM

    CBSE Exam Results 2011 Well I do not have much hope from it. Let's see what happens. Everyone post your ranks. :P Source:- IndiaWire - Connects People |
  2. clmlbx

    Send Your Photos To "Space"

    NASA is inviting the public to send their portrait into space aboard one of the two remaining space shuttle flights. To participate, upload your picture to a NASA website: NASA Face in Space Source:- Here's your chance to get your face in space - Yahoo! India News
  3. narangz

    New Orkut Privacy Features

    Now protect you album, videos, testimonials from being viewed by everyone out there on orkut! There are two privacy options: 1. Friends 2. Everyone Source- I discovered it on my own :)
  4. Anindya

    23-year-old develops website that matches Orkut!

    A boy from Bhubaneswar has developed a site quite similar to orkut but with better features. The boy is 23yrs old and doesnt own a computer! Source:- http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/India/23-year-old_develops_website_that_matches_Orkut/rssarticleshow/2167948.cms
  5. H

    Microsoft fools OpenGl 2.1=DirectX10

    A game programmer at gamespot has stated that openGl 2.1 has all the features of DirectX 10.So OpenGl 2.1 for xp=DirectX10 for vista. Source- http://www.gamespot.com/features/6171326/index.html?om_act=convert&om_clk=multimodule&tag=multimodule;picks;title;4
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