2 beeps from motherboard when switched on



most probably it is a RAM issue. remove ur RAMs..clean them and reinsert them. also try running memtest86 to test ur RAM for errors.


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Re: 2 Problems !!

@anupam_pb dude try to first increase the virtual memory on your pc to equal to that of your ram i:e increase it to 2gb
then uninstall your gfx card drivers completely go to the manufacturer's website and get the latest n fresh copy of the drivers for your gfx card
if you are using windows 7
for more details check out this link its from microsoft answers
Windows 7 blue screen STOP: 0x00000119 - Microsoft Answers


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Re: 2 Problems !!

My virtual memory was 2800-5710 MB. Now i set it to 5710-8800 MB.

This is my RAM's info from CPUZ :


I want to know whether the yellow coloured thing shown in d pic inside a red ellipse is jumper or not.:?: If yes then I've removed it & reinserted it. I've also changed my RAM's slot.

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^^Is d yellow coloured thing the jumper ?
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Re: 2 Problems !!

You didn't mention which PSU you use.Keep in mind that an under powered PSU can cause BSODs while playing games


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Re: 2 Problems !!

^^ I've a 400W PSU & Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

@asingh, did u find anything bad in d dump files ?

Ya looked at them. They point to Watchdog.sys file.

Try the following:

1. Update your Win7 to SP1.
2. Use a newer driver version for your GPU.

Also disable your virus client for a while and see what happens.


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try running memtest86+ for 20 min if the pc crashes then u got to change the RAM or if u have a Graphic card try refitting it reset ur BIOS and refit ur ram rubbing the golden pins with a eraser very softly
the hard disk is not the cause of these problem frequently but then too running a Chkdsk on all the partions after ur pc boots just to double check u dont have bad sector in there
last thing i would wish to say pls pls change ur RAM HYNIX and DYNET are the worst companies i would prefer putting 100 bucks more and purchasing a kingston or transcend RAM and DDR3 ram are quiet cheap now-a-days
600 bucks for a kingston 2 GB 1333mhz RAM :p
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