1. D

    CM xornet repair

    A long time after i took my gaming mouse out of bag to see that the dpi switch was damaged. The low dpi button could not be pressed due to some misalignment of spring i think. There is no customer service for India. What should i do. Any chances of repair?
  2. avichandana20000

    HCL ME not starting

    My friend has a HCL ME TAB , Model :Connect 2g. Last Day i have inserted my SIM in it and from that time it refused to show Home Screen. What i have done: 1)I have pressed power button and it has started with the Music then "HCL ME" appears and got stuck there. 2) So I have switched it...
  3. TechnoHolic

    Please Identify This Problem

    Problem Description- 1. pressed power button and display stucked at bios spalsh screen..pressed F2 nothing happened.. 2. pressed restart button and restarted the system by selecting Boot Normally. 3. windows booted properly and i clicked right button of mouse just to refresh and the bsod...
  4. theserpent

    Pressure settings not working correctly

    Well guys color pressure doesn't work fine i.e it should be darker shade of color when pressed hard and when pressed lightly lighter shade of color.But this is not happening :(. Well shape pressure works fine(Thin line to fat line)
  5. mohityadavx

    Zoom in zoom out

    Hi! I don't know even if it is a tutorial or not but i found this trick accidentally. Actually i was using comp and my legs were kept crossed on computer table and by mistake ctrl key kept pressed so when i scrolled with mouse screen resolution changed. It is quite useful and even if u...
  6. omega44-xt

    2 beeps from motherboard when switched on

    2 Problems Today when i tried to switch on my PC, it started smoothly with no display but i could here fan's rotation sound. Usually when my PC starts 2 beep sounds come from my motherboard with a time interval of 2 sec between them. But i heard only one beep. Then when i pressed the reset...
  7. mahesh

    FIFA 11 PC Discussion Thread

    Hi all, Is anyone tried fifa 11 pc using keyboard? I have installed that and i am playing that. I have configured the key board settings too. For taking free kicks and all how to use the keys for curving the ball and all. Also the same for the penalties. I have pressed the key for skill move...
  8. ayushman9

    Strange Freezing problem in windows 7

    I m using windows 7 ultimate 64 bit with all updates upto yesterday my problem is from last 3 to 4 days a new problem has emerged.After using the PC for say 4 to 5 hours ,the pc would freeze .PC frezzing is normal as you all know ,what what makes it very odd is that this thing happened with...
  9. J

    ALT key issue

    I’m having ASUS eeepc 1005HA with windows xp home SP3. For the last couple of days I’m facing a problem with the keyboard. The alt key is acting like it is always pressed down. The keyboard will not respond (letters & characters do not show up when you type them) however it is acting as if the...
  10. outlaw

    mobile phone for visually impaired ?

    a friend of mine's visually impaired , is there a phone that says what key is pressed ?? for eg ... like saying the numbers out loud while dialling .. or what menu button is pressed .. ??? i used to have a moto rokr touch that had the feature and it used to tell what key was pressed ... but...
  11. ajai5777

    Urgent help needed cant login to windows

    I hav been using my administrative pw as blank.but yesterday i uninstalled avast and installed comodo internet security.after installation it insisted to restart after that when i login a password box appears near my name since my pw is blank i tried just pressed enter without typing anything...
  12. ajaybc

    Help needed installing mac on PC

    I dunno if Iam allowed to discuss this in this forum.Didnt see any mod online to ask. I use Windows 7 build 7000. I downloaded and burned Kalyway mac 10.5.2 I booted the DVD,pressed F8,typed -v and pressed enter. But it is showing "Still waiting for root device" again and again repeatedly. Is...
  13. hailgautam

    Wireless Key Board Problem

    I had some days ago pressed the Connect Button on the back side of Microsoft 700 Wireless Keyboard. Now the keyboard is not at all responding. The mouse is however working even after i had pressed the connect button on its back. Please help how do I make the KB work.
  14. ssk_the_gr8

    firefox bookmarks lost

    i was usin firefox....i closed it & just as i was goin to press the power button to shut down my pc ,my younger bro pressed the reset all my bookmarks r gone..any help guys?
  15. midhunmon

    SMPS Damaged? PLEASE Help!

    Recently sometimes my computer fails to start (only the green LED glows) and i had to reinsert the motherboard power cable to solve the problem.Sometimes swithching off the SMPS and switching it back ON works.Also yesterday my system suddenly restarted while working just like someone pressed...
  16. krates

    Actionscripting in flash for creating games

    This tutorial will cover some of the essential actionscript techniques that are required to make games in Flash. OK, the topics covered in this tute will include: watching the mouse position watching the keyboard duplicating and attaching movieclips animating movieclips with actionscript...
  17. kumarmohit

    Nokia 6630 strange number popup

    Ok ppl I was checking my balance using 140 in Hutch Delhi on my Nokia 6630. Accidently, instead of pressing 140 I pressed 14# and this number popped up: Deleted the number(Privacy Isuues) Wat does this number mean?
  18. A

    Help Help VIRUS VIRUS(I guess)

    Hi frnd Recently i was away frm net for abt 15 dayz as i returned i updated my Avast, Spyware blaster,Ad-aware n Spybot n started surfing. I use IE 7 n Windows Media centre SP2. Afr surfing a couple of pages the mouse stopped clicking, so i pressed CTRL+ALT+DEL bt only could here a DING sound...
  19. ashfame

    MM Keyboard Help

    MM buttons on my keyboard are behaving strangely. some of the buttons don't work. (mute) some work fine. calculator shows up two times when its button is pressed. and audio controls (play/pause/stop etc) works only when real player is in focus. whts happening? pl suggest some remedy.
  20. escape7

    Need Help; HTML Querriesl

    1. Can i make an HTML page go fullscreen on opening. If yes, how? 2. I want to make a button, which on being pressed closes itself(the html page). How do i do it?
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