XOLO a500s IPS or XOLO Q500 OGS


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I want to buy a mobile and I have marked down two models

XOLO a500s IPS

I want to know if there is any difference between IPS and OGS.

I heard XOLO is having bad service.

Any other phone in this range (budget - 8000 max)

I don't want Lumia 520 as I need to cut the sim.


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Don't know about OGS, haven't used it personally so can't say. IPS have good viewing angle so you will be able to see display even when you tilt the phone.
For service, I think it was satisfactory for a small town, they arranged courier to take and delivered at my home. PS - they have service centers in very few places and yes I had to talk to them twice to get my phone picked up.


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no to Q500. It has qualcomm SOC with extremely poor GPU. Other mobiles you can look at Karbonn S2 (under 8k but with 1GB ram & quadcore Cortex A7) or Micromax Juice A77 (1GB ram but dualcore Cortex A7 but 3000mah battery) but heard A77 lacks some sensor.
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