1. kool

    need a printer with XEROX function , under Rs.6000

    Hi guys, Suggest me a good printer for home use. I already have Canon 2900B for b/w printing and HP F4488 for color,b/w, and for xerox copy. HP F4488 is now 7 years old, stopped working today. I know it can be repaired. But already got repiared 3 times in 7 years, everytime mouse pee inside...
  2. I

    Want to buy printer

    Dear Friends, I want to buy multifunction printer for my home use, which brand is good? I am considering Xerox and Canon. My Budget is around 10000 rs but I want best printer. I am from Lucknow.
  3. K

    Mini xerox

    Hi Guys, I have got a very small shop in a Nagar in a small Town. I would like to buy a MINI XEROX MACHINE. The cost of it may be upto Rs.12000/-. Which one is best and profitable?
  4. mati17

    Photo Copier Or Multi Function Printer

    Dear Forum, I am planning to start a Mobile Shoppe. I also want to give "Xerox" facility @ my shoppe. But I am not sure about photostat biz will be successful or not. So, I want to know are there any "Entry Level" Photocopier Machines available in the Market (Price Range :10K to 15K) because...
  5. D

    Which are the best All In One (printer, scanner, xerox, fax) Available for 10-12 k...

    i want to buy an all in one (printer, scanner, xerox, fax) for or less than 10,000 to 12,000 so I want to know which ones are available in market in that range and which one are best for me... for home use... fax needed also...
  6. B

    Problem with xerox phaser

    I have a xerox phaser 3117 b/w printer. Whenever I tried to print in a bulk amount 3-4 pages are taken by the roller simultaneously. Please suggest how to get rid of this problem. Thanks in advance. PS: One of my friends want to buy a colour laser printer within 10k. He is not quite sure...
  7. ashish1224

    Need a Printer and Digicam for home use

    Printer does not have to be color, though it can be a bonus if it fits my price. What are the reviews for xerox low end laser printers? For the printer i have set aside 3K and for the digicam some 6-7K.
  8. Ronnie11

    Pls help me to decide a printer(All in One)

    Hey guys,i am searching for a friend of mine,he is looking for a printer with scanner & xerox & his budget is at max about 4000...Pls help me in this... :)
  9. D

    Best entry level Laser printer...

    Hi, After a lot google-ing I found three entry level Laser printers: Samsung : ml 2010 Xerox : phaser 3117 HP 1018 Going by price the Xerox printer has got least price tag while samsung and hp almost same.;) Page per toner is highest for ML-2010.:p But, I heard that ML-2010 is very noisy and...
  10. T

    How to delete Xerox folder

    Please tell how to permanently delete Xerox folder in program files folder
  11. M

    printer purchasing help me select one ?

    Hi As my budget have limitations , i got 3 options regarding laser b/w printers. My need is to take notes of ebooks,monthly 2000-3000 pages. budget is 4000-5500 rs so only 3 options i have like this.... 1 i read about xerox 3117 like this on it true ? i heard...
  12. techtronic

    Xerox works deal with start-up to rival Google

    Xerox Corp. research subsidiary the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) has struck a licensing deal with a high-profile start-up in the hopes of building a search engine that could one day rival Google Inc. Powerset Inc. in San Francisco is developing a search engine based on natural language...
  13. nileshgr

    Should I xerox the Linux Hardware Handbook?

    I have a book called Linux Hardware Handbook. I think that here many of you will be knowing about linux hardware and can help me if i have any problem. Just vote in the poll. So if maximum votes go to Yes, i will return the book to the Library else i will xerox it.
  14. prasad_den

    Printing on OHP sheets

    Is it possible to print directly on a OHP sheet using a conventional inkjet printer? Is there any alternative available to the expensive colour xerox?
  15. S


    I HAVE A MODI XEROX SCANNER MX DocuScan 96. i installed the windows xp sp2 and dont have the proper drivers for it. if any one has them please let me know. thanks
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