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Dear Friends,

I want to buy multifunction printer for my home use, which brand is good? I am considering Xerox and Canon. My Budget is around 10000 rs but I want best printer. I am from Lucknow.


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right now, some more printer buying threads are open. take a look, & tell us if there is anything special you are looking for ?


Right off the assembly line
Thank you [MENTION=105611]bssunilreddy[/MENTION] and [MENTION=44484]icebags[/MENTION] for your kind information.


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Im my opinion, Epson is the best Printer to buy for the home usage as well as for office/Business usage. The quality of the printer is very good. The Company (Epson) always maintain a high quality in the products of them. I always like the products of Epson.
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