1. ::cyborg::

    ++++:( How To Make Downloading Fast+++

    hi guys ::cyborg:: here guys iam really suffering from my pacenet connection it is a 128kbps connection but it only gives me 15 kbps speed wtf :( is there any way to boost download speed the softwares available are really useless like connection booster and all. thanks plz help :((
  2. Faun

    Whats up with this site ??
  3. max_demon

    The English-to-12-Year-Old-AOLer Translator

    AOL his translator will take what you write in it and turn it into the manner a 12-year-old AOLer would write it. Type in what you want translated and then click the button. Example-- it Translates this - Chit Chat (15 Viewing) Anything that doesn’t fit into the other sections—from upcoming...
  4. s18000rpm

    YouTube Issues

    i've been trying to upload a 11.7 MB DivX file to this youtube, & i've been trying it for more than an one & an half hour & 5 tries till now:x is that site buggy for Uploading files:x yesterday also i tried 4-5 times, then only a 4.7MB file uploaded:x First i tried Opera 9.10 & it did...
  5. R


    hey ive been told to prepare a chart on "latest RDBMS software’s" i duno wat to do .. as i dun know WTF is RDBMS .............can u plz help me with the project
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