How come moto g4 doesn't have a compass!!! Wtf.. What is this? 2006?


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How come, one of the best phone Moto G4, a 15K around phone, doesn't have a Compass!! Seriously What is Motorola/Lennovo thinking???

Be it or not, but this Compass thing have become a deal breaker for my friend from choosing it over other 2 phones (link below) this otherwise solid phone. Why and How a company can do such omissions!!
Even the FIRST generation Moto G had a Compass!! SERIOUSLY!! WTF man. :sad_NF::crying2_NF:

HOW does Motorola/Lennovo think ... people will buy this phone IF It doesn't have a Compass!!
Thtat's it. I am done advocating Moto phones to anyone now. :| :loser_NF: :broken_NF:

Seriously though, without compass Moto G4 is a GREAT phone. I myself wouldn't buy this due to absence of compass though, let alone recommending it to my friend who is looking for a great phone in around 15K.


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For 15/20K nothing beats Redmi Note 3 now
As for no gyro compass thing , Moto is known to do that
Like X Play a 20k phone doesn't have gyroscope

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Moto and Samsung(Low & mid range) are known to skip sensors.Only thing that is good in Moto G4 is camera.
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