C drive being chewed up

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for past 1 week, my desktop is constantly showing C nearly full, only 20-50MB empty outta 40GB. I cleaned it up, deleted few things and got nearly 5GB of free space but by evening it again showed only 100MB of free space! :-o WTF is going on??? :-x


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Maybe virus or corrupt files
Same thing happened with me!
One of my game files showed 90 GB size as it was corrupted
Go to Start>Run and type CMD
Type the command "CHKDSK" on C drive
See if there are any files corrupt
If there are then make "CHKDSK" run while booting the comp

If not then get a good antivirus


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In addition to the valid suggestions made by D@rekills4, you can try the following.

Set your view options to show all files including hidden system files (this is assuming that you're using Win XP, but the idea is the same for other OSes). Check each file and folder in the root directory and see which one is occupying an unreasonable amount of space. Then open the offending folder and check sub-directories in turn.

It will make it easier to determine which one keeps increasing in size if you do this: Clean up your C: drive again. Write down a list of the size of each file and folder - Documents and Settings, Program Files, System Volume Information, Windows, pagefile, etc. If and when the free space has become much smaller again, check the sizes again and compare them with your list. That will show you which folder is the culprit. It's may be Documents and Settings or System Volume Information.

If you've determined which folder it is but don't know which sub-folder or file it is, repeat the above process, concentrating on the offending folder.
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