1. curioustechy

    flickering monitor

    when I start my pc some times, though the system boots up & runs normally, screen flickers heavily forcing me to shut it down or restart it. when it is revved up again it works normally... it's like this for the past one month... what's going wrong
  2. flyingcow

    Counter strike source mouse problem

    Lately i have encountered a problem with mouse movements in counter strike source The mouse worked fine earlier but after a gap of 4-5 months its giving problems the mouse works fine in windows and menu of the game, but while playing the mouse moves very slowly on the y axis, but works fine on...
  3. SaiyanGoku

    [Advice required] 2nd Hand PS2

    One of my friends is looking to sell his 3-4 years old PS2 with games (don't know which games), as he'll be buying a PS3 slim. I'm thinking of buying it as my first console. I played WWE All stars on it and it works fine and none of parts are damaged at all 8-). what should be the ideal buying...
  4. gameranand

    Corsair Vengeance 1500 Review

    Corsair Vengeance 1500 Review Introduction As we all know that Corsair is a well known company for PSU and RAM but recently they came in gaming business with their Vengeance series of products. I am reviewing Corsair Vengeance 1500 7.1 USB Headphones. As per the name this is a USB headphone so...
  5. A

    [Want to Buy] Laptop for 25k

    I am okay with any of the trusted brands. Preferably a netbook as I am not very comfortable with the idea of carrying around those huge 15.6" laptops with num pads. My priorities are: 1. Good battery life. 2. OS present. As in Win7 HB. 3. Decent screen resolution. 4. At least 2 GB of RAM...
  6. A

    LA NOIRE not working!!!

    I recently bought this game and it is complete edition. i have installed this game in my F: drive. while running it gave me two errors (dx9_43 and dx11_43) so i serched in the CD and copied it to the game directory. after that game started . but it stops at the LA NOIRE LOGO and the music...
  7. S

    My PC Not working properly

    Hi All, I have bought a computer in Feb 2011 , now before a month its not working , the hardware engg. told that its MB ( mother board) is shorted , i replace the MB but my pc works any time means if it works on today 10 am then after i shut down then only monitor blikns there after 1-2...
  8. theserpent

    Can i sell my photoshop works in freelancer?

    So guys can i see my photoshop works in freelancer? or does someone have to hire me :/ *
  9. L

    Which partition manager works best and free?

    I want to resize partition of my laptop. Could anyone tell me which one works best? Is it free? I can accept it if it's not too expensive. Many thanks.
  10. 1

    talk and weather app dosen't update on data

    Hi All, I recently brought S3 and have a Airtel's connection in pune. My in build talk app which is g talk and accuweather app doesn't work with always shows status offline and accuweather doesn't update at all on data. But the both works fine on WIFI. First i thought ist...
  11. D

    Testing an old SMPS

    I have an old SMPS, that I've had lying around for a few years, & I want to check if it works or not. I read online that I should short the green & black wires. Doing so, I found that the PSU fan spins, but when I connected an HDD to it & repeated, the HDD (which I know works) does not start...
  12. T

    What kind of 3D works for you? Passive or active?

    I'm kinda curious because there seems to be a lot of debate going on about this.
  13. theserpent

    Help needed in gta 4

    I bought the original GTA 4-CD non steam. So i made a live account but it keeps saying\ Unavailable Sorry, we’ve got a problem. For a little while, please stop trying to sign in to Xbox so we can fix it. Most of still works, and we’ll fix this as soon as possible. And why the...
  14. sam9953

    Whole PC System

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: HI guys I am selling my PC system, it is nearly 6 years old, below are the details: Pentium 4 Microsoft Windows XP Service pack 3 1 GB DDR1 RAM Strontium Samsung Optical Drive (DVD writer) ADMtek PCI ether contoller (LAN Card)...
  15. theserpent

    Where can i sell my photoshop works

    Hey guys where can i sell my photoshop works??
  16. Gaurav265

    Audio problem in windows 7...plss help

    hi guys,there is a problem in my pc with audio devices.i cant able to use audio devices in my windows 7. this problem is starting when,one day i open my cabinet and clean all components,then start the pc (its running windows 7 at that time).my pc start with a surprise that...
  17. Ashokkumar01cbe

    suggestion for a good laptop

    hi digit, i am planning to buy a laptop around 40k .please suggest me a good laptop with better performance with some photoshop and adobe after effects works ..and i am a B.E (Computer science) student.......please suggest me a good one DIGIT...
  18. H

    Which type of USB?

    In my lenovo g470 laptop i could find an USB port which is different from others.Pls help me find out which type is it..... I could all usb devices into it as others do.... Here is a pic of tht *
  19. Shibaprasad

    Which format?(pendrive)

    My new Transcend 32GB pendrive isn't working properly when formatted in Fat32 file system. I am unable to transfer big ISO image or rar files, but when formatted in NTFS file system everything works fine. Does anyone know the reason? Is there any risk in formatting with NTFS?
  20. A

    Solid works rig

    Please suggest a graphics card strictly for solid works and which processor to combine it crd budget 7k processor has to be Intel. Rest ram psu and other stuff also required, budget crd has to be professional grade like McKeown quadric fx
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