1. A

    Original XBOX 360 Games and Accessories for SALE!!

    I have the following games for sale... Full Spectrum Warrior (Xbox - New and Sealed) - NTSC - RS. 800 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - NTSC (Tested and Works on PAL) - Rs 1100 Gears of War - NTSC J (Tested and Works on PAL) - Rs. 800 Crackdown - NTSC (Tested and Works on PAL) -...
  2. S

    Wireless USB modem for a MacBook

    What type of USB modem from which service provider works best on a MacBook using Mac OS? Any pointers?
  3. BSOD

    TV Tuner Aver Go 007 Support

    I am trying to make a switch over to linux. Everything works just fine except my not-so-famous TV Tuner Card. I have the Aver TV Go 007. Did do Google searches and the works without much gain. What are my options now. Should I port the driver myself ;-)?
  4. mohitgiri

    flv to avi converter

    hi friends plz tell me about a flv to avi converter which is freeware and works really fast. regds
  5. Ecko

    Problem Connecting Internet

    Hi I recently connected my PC with my frnds lappy But after that my ZA firewall is acting absurdly & isn't allowing me to connect using internet I get connected but no website opens up I try to ping the BSNL server & it works fine But still no website opens When I disable ZA Firewall it...
  6. maddy_in65

    Two problems in Ubuntu

    I am using hardy since last 3 moths, after fresh install it works fine for me. Ubuntu boots quickly, however from the last week it takes more time to boot. I regularly update ubuntu. Every time the update files size was around 70mb. Is it the problem behind this. I dont know why boot time was...
  7. Krazy Bluez

    Windows Pre-Installation Environment

    As most of you might know that Windows can also be used as Live CD, so i have tried using Bart PE, and have successfully made it but i have one question though, how do i install softwares slipstreaming on to it ??? I know that using portable version of those softwares also "WORKS" but it would...
  8. R

    router causes slower internet?

    i have a linksys wrt54g router installed on my desktop to work wirelessly with my laptop. now i have observed that internet on the desktop where i connect the ethernet cable from the router works slow while internet on laptop wirelessly receiving signal from the router works faster. I have...
  9. smile

    Internet Help?

    Hi.............Everyone :) I have youtelecom broadband connection . The problem is whenever i click browser and enter any address it will not come up unless i refresh two to three after that it comes up:mad: but in my laptop this connection works fine :).. This problem occurs both in IE and...
  10. N

    LAN ISSUE...LAN Connects but not Works

    I'm having a HP Pavilion Laptop (Model No dv1624tn). Everything works fine except LAN. Earlier it was working fine, but now from past few days, whenever I insert the LAN cable, it says limited connectivity else it gets connected but I couldn't surf the net and any web page it doesn't open...
  11. dhanusaud

    Mouse not working

    Guys, I am using windows vista ultimate, last sunday I dunno wht happen mouse stopped working. Today I purchased new one but still it doesn't works at all. . . . .plz help me guys. Mouse type: PS2 optical
  12. R

    How to browse linux files(Ubuntu partition)from windows?

    How to browse linux (Ubuntu partition) files from windows? I need both read & write access to the files it must be easy but I cant figure out. As of now I have to copy linux files to windows partitions then it works but I want to keep the files in linux documents/pictures etc & open the files...
  13. T

    TV tuner queries

    i want to buy a good tv tuner card internal one. also give mumbai price possible. pls suggest one with wide screen support andf tata sky,etc works then preferable. recordin quality should be good. looking for VFM. apart from this i have certqueries of how TV tuner works like do tuner cards...
  14. nims11

    F1 not running on vista

    EA Sports F1 does not work on Vista when i load the circuit. it works well in XP. waiting for solutions.
  15. tango_cash

    i need a new mouse.pls suggest me.

    after 3 yr's of great service my iball black cat 5 button mouse is now dieing .and that is not because of some defect but because i kicked it by mistake and it hit the wall really hard.the poor thing is still working but not on all surfaces(it works if i use it on my bed but doesn't work on the...
  16. A

    manhunt compatibility

    hi gamers i have dell inspiron with vista home premium i had installed manhunt on it but it failed to execute. error: manhunt has stopped working same copy of manhunt works fine on xp system. i want to know that is there any update or patch for manhunt which can solve this problem?
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