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  1. S

    Connecting 2 PCs wirelessly with D-Link DSL-2730U wi-fi router

    Hi, How do I wirelessly connect my 2 PCs to a modem+router such that the pc to pc browsing is isolated from the internet connection (WAN)? In detail: I recently purchased a D-Link DSL-2730U modem router to replace my bsnl wired modem, the idea being to connect my 2 PCs wirelessly (to...
  2. T

    Cannot start shared internet connection to my android phone

    Whenever I try to set up a Wireless Access Point for my android phone via Windows Vista Home Basic (32-bit) by typing in the commands with administrator privileges: "netsh wlan start hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=MyNetwork key=MyKey keyusage=persistent " I get this error message: "The following...
  3. jkultimate

    ANDROID: Connected to Wifi, but no internet access. Please help.

    Hello everyone, I have an android phone. Karbonn A5. And BSNL Modem UTStarcom WA3002G4. Plan is 499 Rural combo unlimited. Today I've activated "WLAN" from the exchange. And the "WLAN" light is glowing now. Before it isn't. I've searched for networks in my phone. It detects my modem and asks...
  4. M

    Connecting euipment on LAN to computers on Wireless LAN

    I am writing this from the ship and we are sailing and not very computer / networking literate. Need your help. All computers on board are connected to one another by wireless LAN connection and all are working well. The master communications computer is connected to the Satellite terminal...
  5. A


    I want to play counter strike and NFS most wanted with my friends using WLAN. Can u tell me how to do it? I have played moto gp 2 on wlan. The same method doesn't work with the above mentioned two games.
  6. G

    Bridged WLAN for 5800

    Can you tell me how to use a Bridged Connection(BSNL) which requires username and password in My Nokia 5800 though WLAN
  7. A

    Want cheap WLAN Router

    Hi guys, I want to immediately buy cheap WLAN router for my home use. Please suggest a good quality and cheap router. i have seen two models. Please also tell how are they. Buffalo WCR-G54 ASUS Broadband Wireless Router RT-G32 thanks
  8. mavihs

    Dual WiFi/Bluetooth chip shown off

    Ralink handles both at once Ralink, a Taiwanese network chipmaker has released a new chip that can handle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at the same time. The chip with the catchy title, RT3592BC8, is supposed to be the first chip that's capable of simultaneous dual-band wireless-N and Bluetooth 3.0+HS...
  9. C

    Wireless LAN suddenly gone missing!!

    I face a very strange problem with my laptop. I have a 2 year old hp compaq v60000au (amd turion) laptop, had done a factory condition restoration recently. though i don't usually update windows, this time i did many of the security, performance updates. Then one day i slide the wireless...
  10. 144

    WLAN issues! Need urgent help

    Router: D-Link DIR-635 LAN : 2 PCs WLAN : 1 DELL XPS and DELL Vostro Browsers: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Safari, Chrome Problem occurred randomly All systems are on Windows Vista (PCs with Vista Ultimate, and Laptops with Home Premium) The Internet is working on LAN, but on WLAN only...
  11. naveen_reloaded

    WLAN Connect two laptops ?

    Guys i am in hostel and friends want to transfer songs , movies ... and also play games.. wht is the procedure to connect two or more laptops using wlan function and wht is the speed transfer can we get thru wlan ?? please detail on this ,,
  12. INS-ANI

    ralink WLAN card info....

    RT73 USB WIRELESS LAN CARD (Ralink) I have created a adhoc WLAN with a HCL notebook which runs a RT73 USB WIRELESS LAN CARD (Ralink). the server is hosted on my dell 1420 and HCL system is client. Unfortunately, it seems to support only 802.11b standards, hence providing a 11Mbps connection...
  13. H

    WLAN card for PC

    Hello I need to share my Internet connection across 2 PCs.. I already have a wireless router, so need to buy a WLAN card for the other PC. Any idea of the price/make of WLAN cards in Chennai? Thanks in advance... :o!
  14. P

    Please help....Configuring E61 for WLAN...

    hi, i got a new nokia E61 few days back. its working great. i tried to configure it to my office WLAN but failed. me not able to do it properly. can anyone tell how to config E61 to WLAN?? i need detailed steps.... PS: when i tried to configure it, it gave this msg "No Gateway Reply"...
  15. V

    WLAN configuration ?? How to

    Has anyone configured WLAN on linux.... i am facing a serious problem configuring my WLAN... i tried using ndiswrapper... but no luck..... ndiswrapper -l says invalid driver.... FYI..... i have a broadcom 4318 card... distribution : fedora 4... latest version of ndiswrapper
  16. T

    problems with file transfer over adhoc WLAN

    hi, i and my friend connected our laptops using WLAN in adhoc mode. I created a network on my comp and both were connected. everywhere it was clear that they are connected but i could not figure out how to transfer files to each another. i roamed around all options in my network places and...
  17. I

    blank device manager

    Hi my device manager has gone blank! there is nothing in there not even the system name. all my system restore poitns have gone and except for a dialup connection, my LAN, WLAN, bluetooth connection...all which were listed in the network connections have dissappeared my wlan is still...
  18. S

    WLAN config in winME

    I purchased a D-Link wlan card(802.11g) recently. the problem is that my pc is old, it is a 266 mhz pentium 2 with 256 mb ram. So, after installing the card successfully, when i run the config tool that i accompanied the card, my system hangs. is there any solution to this?? does there exist any...
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