Xperia J or L....

Hi frnds,m bit confused in deciding wch 1 to go...
either Xperia J or Xperia L(cost wise J is less,L is more)
plz suggest me wch is better....


Xperia J costs approx. 14.5k
Xperia L costs approx. 16.5k
For an Additional 2k, you get 8MP camera( from 5MP in Xperia J ), NFC enabled phone( no NFC in J) , 1 GB ram (512mb ram in J )& internal memory extended to 8GB ( 4gb in J )& a playstation certified mobile..
In my opinion, Xperia L offers a LOT for the extra Rs. 2000..i'd say go with Xperia L..


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One important point missed in the above post. Xperia J has old generation 1 GHz Cortex-A5, where as Xperia L has a dual-core processor.
Xperia L is the better choice anyday.
Xperia L..........
Xperia J can't be even compared to Samsung Galaxy S its pointless in comparing it with L


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Xperia L definitely . Its funny how Sony is selling Xperia J for 14k which only has 512mb ram and single core cpu. Am sick of all companies pricing their products so wrongly its not even funny.


Is there even a doubt which phone is better ?


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