Should i buy Nokia Lumia 1320?


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If u like WP than its a good buy for that price otherwise some good android phone also available near that price :)


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Anybody has experience with Nokia Lumia 1320 .. is it good performance wise
and VFM?

its a great phone,camera isnt as good as 720 but overall phone is a great one with an above average camera despite that
it can play san andreas,real racing,asphalt series pefectly with zero lag
its display is also top notch and the phone is extremely sturdy
battery life is easily 1.5-2days on moderate usage
wp also has the nokia glance screen which is an excellent notification screen and doesnt eat up battery
id say go for the 1320 its the best phone at that budget overall
people may start booing me now and say it doesnt have apps,for that nokia and microsoft have ported and developed excellent quality apps and theres no lack of apps as people suggest
it has quality not quantity :)
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