1. Deepankur19

    POLLBOOTH: A survey to serve HONOR

    With the sole aim of Honor Hub to get transparent and effective feedback. Let us help Honor get our message received via this poll. Please vote in an unbiased manner. Also comment the reason for your selection. Disclaimer: The intent is to garnish the improvements in future Honor products in...
  2. T

    Euro 2016

    Who will be the winner of EURO 2016? My vote goes to Spain.
  3. amjath

    How many candies did you whoop on the Google search page?

    So far I got 152 How about u guys. Post screens And the winner gets nothing :mrgreen:
  4. axes2t2

    Anyone wants 75% off steam coupon for Portal 2 ?

    If yay then put your steam names here and I will use the randomizer thingy to pick a winner.
  5. D

    all winner a10 based tablet upgrade to jelly bean.

    nxg a10 tab, veedee d10, micromax funbook, karbonn smarttab all seemingly have similar hardware. has anybody ported jelly bean to any of these. I am certain none of the companies have communicated whether they will release a jb rom, but somebody has been able to get jb on their tablets yet? some...
  6. vamsi_krishna

    GDC Awards

    The Game Developers Choice awards were announced in Game Developers Conference 2011. Which is being conduced in San Francisco, CA. The results were, Game of the Year WINNER: Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar San Diego) Mass Effect 2 (BioWare) Call of Duty: Black Ops (Treyarch) Limbo (Playdead)...
  7. Q

    Product of 2010 - Vote to win awesome prizes!

    In the splendid 2010, Kingston announced several cutting-edge and popular products to meet the customer needs. Kingstons speedy memory modules, huge capacity USB drives or the solid state drives (SSD) with advanced technology had earned numerous awards and recommendations worldwide. Which one is...
  8. ritesh.techie

    $500 Blogger Contest – Win Webhosting + Domain + SEO + IDM License

    Update: Total Prizes worth more than 500$ now Read Rules to follow at
  9. dreams

    Winner - Norton 2010 Beta Downloader / Referral

    Hi all, Thought of sharing this great news with all fellow digitians. I was previously working for Symantec and got a news that the 2009 series of software were great. Tested it personally and found to be true. At that time, installed Win 7 and wanted to try Norton. But unfortunately it...
  10. dinesh_ddt

    n70 vs k530i vs n3120c ??

    I've finally chose these three models.. plz, let me know the pros and cons of these and the overall winner among.8)
  11. chavo

    Hero Honda Roadies-Hell Down Under Winner

    Finally Nauman is the winner of this years Hero Honda Roadies-Hell Down Under. He proved himself in the final against Kiri. But from my point of view Kiri is the winner B'coz he selected Nauman insted of Palak who was less compititive then from him for the final task. Also the task was also...
  12. gary4gar

    Get Sony Ericsson F305 Mobile Phone for just 8 Rupees!

    Contest Page | More Information
  13. C

    nokia e71 vs nokia n95 vs apple iphone

    which is the better phone, do we have a winner
  14. W

    Digit didnt announce crossword winner despite correct entry

    Digit Crossword Contest a fraud : I had submitted an all correct entry, emailed it to tq at thinkdigit dot com on 6th May 2008 (admins may pm me to know the email and have me forward them a copy with original headers), please check ur email inbox also for 6th May emails. Subject of email was...
  15. Zangetsu

    Tekken !!!

    :) I played tekken 5 its a awesome game........ and I know dat the winner of iron fist tournament in tekken 4 was :cool: jin kazama (which was shown in tekken 5) & now tekken 6 is also released .....:smile: Does anybody know who was the winner of tekken 5 (IFT:rolleyes:) it will be...
  16. S

    OSCAR Winners - 80th Annual Academy Awards

    Source Oscars won (More than 1) by a Film No Country For Old Men - 4 The Bourne Ultimatum - 3 There Will Be Blood - 2
  17. a_k_s_h_a_y

    And the Best Handset Award goes to..

    Mobile World Congress has its annual Global Mobile Awards Clearly it was the strongest contender for the award and it has won !! The Winner has been announced and the winner is !! Sony Ericsson W910 Source 1 Source 2 The Super Sexy w910 deserves the award ...
  18. desiibond

    5mp phone from Samsung

    Is it a phone, or is it a camera? Until recently, cameraphones were unquestionably still just phones with chintzy cams tacked on, but it looks like we're finally getting to the point where the lines are truly blurred. Samsung's new G800 slider is now official, packing a 5 megapixel autofocus...
  19. Batistabomb

    Batista vs Johncena or stonecold vs rock

    Guys who can win the match of batista vs johncena and who will be the winner for rock vs stonecold
  20. Digit_Dragon

    Ubuntu Linux Vs. Windows Vista: The Battle For Your Desktop

    Check out who is the winner *
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