$500 Blogger Contest – Win Webhosting + Domain + SEO + IDM License

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As we promised earlier, we are here with the biggest competition ever on beingPC. This time our giveaway is intended for all the bloggers and people who wants to start blogging. Besides for the first time we are also giving away 5 consultation prizes too.

There will be in all 9 winners, Here is the list of prizes and the way they will be distributed:

1st winner ($322):

One year free web hosting by HostGator (120$) + Domain Name (2$)+ SEO Optimization by Harsh Agrawal (200$)

2nd Winner ($220):

One year free web hosting by Hos4Cheap + SEO Optimization by TechnoZeast

3rd Winner ($59.9)

2 Internet Download Manager License Key

5 Consultation Prize Winners:

3 Months free web hosting

And to win all of these all you have to do is to earn a minimum of 5 Points, (but your chances will definitely increase if you earn all 7 points) the one who will comply to all the rules will enter the competition.

Update: Total Prizes worth more than 500$ now

Read Rules to follow at beingPC.com
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