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  1. naveen_reloaded

    The 2007 Global Mobile Awards Winners

    THE 2007 GLOBAL MOBILE AWARDS WINNERS: CATEGORY 1 - MOBILE INNOVATION: Category 1a Most Innovative Mobile Application or Content Award WINNER ShoZu ShoZu Mobile MultiMedia Delivery Platform Category 1b Most Innovative Technology WINNER Polymer Vision Rollable Displays...
  2. official

    A mistake in Beat That-June Issue

    Hi Everybody I am Sonu Sharma.This is my friends id .He is writing on behalf of me.I sent my poster in DIGITs Beat That Competition.IT was also selected as a winner .but in the next month issue i.e. in July issue it was written as the Last Month winner as someone else.I havent received the gift...
  3. JGuru

    LinuxDesktop 2006 Survey is in, the winner is Ubuntu!!

    The results of DesktopLinux.com's survey are in, and the votes are tallied. The winner is Ubuntu 6.06!!. Almost 15,000 Linux users took part in this survey. Here are the top distros according to the users: 1) Ubuntu - 29.2% 2) Debian - 12.2% 3) Suse - 10.1% 4) Gentoo - 9.6% 5)...
  4. A

    MS antispyware !!

    seems like MS is finally up with a winner software... here is the full report http://reviews.cnet.com/5208-3000-0-10.html?forumID=104&threadID=61140&messageID=733507&start=-275&tag=nl.e497
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