1. abhijit_reddevil

    Internet speeds around the world

    Got this link while browsing through Wikipedia. * India is not even in the list.:(
  2. gary4gar

    Wikipedia's Weakness

    You can read more at: Lazy journalism exposed by online hoax
  3. M

    Ninja Editor Attacks Wikipedia

    Ninja Editor Attacks Wikipedia A Group of Nasty Editors called Ninjas are Attacking Wikipedia Like Hell. Here's an example: Original Article: * Source: Digg Front Page, January 07 2008 ;)
  4. rosemolr

    I need All Of Your Help..Please

    Hey ...i Got a Slide Presentation about The Human Computer Interaction..I want the data About ma topic very badly..i had tried..wikipedia..encyclopedia.and all..but i need some more pictures..please help me dear friends..the presentation is at meeeeeee
  5. iMav

    Google launches Knol as rival to Wikipedia

    Google has launched an online encyclopaedia to take on Wikipedia. Knol, which stands for unit of knowledge, allows internet users to write articles on their own areas of expertise. The world's largest search engine is hoping that "knols" will be written on every conceivable topic ranging from...
  6. kerthivasan

    how to hear WIKIPEDIA articles as MP3 on my ipod?

    hi guys. can u say me how to hear WIKIPEDIA articles as MP3 on my ipod?( 30gb video)
  7. kerthivasan

    WIKIPEDIA on Ipod video?

    higuys. i own an ipod 30gb video. can u tell me how to load wikipedia on my ipod?
  8. Renny

    Any BSD users?

    Well the title says it, Anyone here who uses FreeBSD, DesktopBSD, PCBSD or the likes? Could you guys share your experience and throw light on how different it is from linux? Well I could've searched wikipedia but I wanna first hand account of how it is.
  9. entrana

    new narnia movie!!

    all narnia fans there is a new narnia movie coming out namely the chronicles of narnia prince caspian. check out this wikipedia link for more details *
  10. NucleusKore

    SOS Children launches Wikipedia for Schools

    Source: * I have the above with me as a DVD. Those of you who are interested in obtaining a personal copy may contact me by email or telephone for the same. The charges are Rs. 30 per DVD plus shipping as actuals. No...
  11. naveen_reloaded

    Secret mailing list rocks Wikipedia..!i!

    Exclusive On the surface, all is well in Wikiland. Just last week, a headline from The San Francisco Chronicle told the world that "Wikipedia's Future Is Still Looking Up," as the paper happily announced that founder Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales plans to expand his operation with a...
  12. Ecko

    If I'm Infected or something

    Whenever I open forum in IE it takes me to a wikipedia page of Ididot as defination If i'm infected
  13. The Conqueror

    Using Wikipedia.....

    I wanted to know if I can use some Wikipedia articles into my blog. Is it legal? Can any1 give me terms of service of WikiPedia.I will give credit to wikipedia but i want to know If i can COPY some articles into my blog.
  14. O

    Sony Ericsson Softwares

    Uploaded Package Contents 1.Micro Sky j2me Surf The Sky Right At Your Phone 2.Unyverse Wikipedia J2ME Read Wikipedia In an optimized format specially for mobile phones. 3.Unyverse Contacts J2ME- Freeware Save Contacts for free at some dedicated servers. 4.Opera Hacked Edition v2.05-...
  15. Third Eye

    Apple Caught Modifying Wikipedia Entries

    Wikipedia is well known for not being an overly reliable source of information as anyone can edit entries. Despite not receiving the blessings of academic circles, Wikipedia remains one of the fast and easiest ways to get information on any given subject, which is probably why so many people use...
  16. windchimes

    "To filed" in email account shows a seperate font.

    Hi guys, I make use of yahoo mail account. the prob is the "To" field in compose shows a different font (which gives no readability). Wikipedia pages too display this same font. How can I correct this? regards Windchimes
  17. utsav

    wikipedia installation problems

    is there any way to install the webaroo wikipedia on drives other than c drive.:(
  18. Gigacore

    7 things you should know about Wikipedia

    Read this article to know some facts about wikipedia Read
  19. Shrut_Xen

    Webaroo Problem

    Anyone who purchased June's issue must be familiar with this...well i installed Webaroo Wikipedia Pack and then Uninstalled it after few days.But the problem is that the 5gb Wikipedia pack hasn't been uninstalled...only Webaroo has been uninstalled.....i ran Ccleaner but no avail...and i can't...
  20. bluepearl

    Cant install Wikipedia

    gives error "HTTP file missing" when trying with setup is anything wrong with the DVD?
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