1. Zangetsu

    Wikipedia battle to go to court for a selfie ownership

    Wikipedia is currently embroiled in a unique legal battle with British Photographer David Slater Source: Who owns a selfie taken by a monkey? Wikipedia battle to go to court - Tech2 Smile please!!!
  2. TechnoBOY

    best launcher for android phone ??

    best launcher available so far just found out this List of Android launchers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3. snap

    The Crew The Crew (video game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  4. akhilc47

    Where can I get explanations for audio components

    I'm very much interested in reading about different components of an audio systems. I don't know so much about the receivers, DAC etc. stuffs. I know I can google each of these things or read in wikipedia. But if anyone knows an organised explanation in any forums or youtube channels it would...
  5. anirbandd

    Tank/Mecha simulator suggestions

    Hi, can someone please guide me to some good Tank/Mecha simulators?? i got the list here: Vehicular combat game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .. the simulator should be fun though... and graphics is secondary, although it shouldnt be crappy.. Thanks :)
  6. H

    French homeland intelligence threatens a volunteer sysop to delete a Wikipedia Article

    French homeland intelligence threatens a volunteer sysop to delete a Wikipedia Article | Autour de Wikipédia et des projets Wikimedia
  7. Desmond

    Wikipedia to soon be available via SMS/Free of charge

    A really good initiative IMHO. Wikipedia Zero - MediaWiki
  8. Desmond

    Wikipedia scandal : Top members involved in editing for personal profit.

    I came across this article. So much for free speech?
  9. Hrishi

    HOw many Movies You saw From 2011(List).

    How many movies did you guys managed to watch which were released in the year 2011. here is a list for your reference. 2011 in film - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Till now I have seen 63 movies out of the entire list. :) plz post yours.
  10. Alok

    Beyond Good and Evil 2

    Its the sequel to 2003 game. Though first game was pretty good and won critical acclaim but failed commercially. Looks interesting as what we currently know about it. Beyond Good & Evil 2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  11. Anish

    Firefox freezes often

    Hi friends, I have this problem in firefox. Scenario 1: I open one site (say thinkdigit) on firefox, before displaying the page, firefox freezes for 20 seconds Scenario 2: I have digit site opened in one tab, I open wikipedia on other tab, and return to digit..After a while, (when the...
  12. A

    [SOLVED] Wikipedia problem

    Hi! I just wanted to ask you guys about a problem I've been having, one I wonder if you're having too. For the past couple of days, when I try to open Wikipedia, I get redirected to a site that tries to sell me domain names. It looks something like this: Are you guys getting the same...
  13. dashing.sujay

    WiKiPedia to shut down for 24 hrs to protest SOPA

  14. ico


    VVVVVV - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia how to get the gamepad working?

    can not access

    Please help:-( Since last 2-3 days i can not access wikipedia:-x , every other website loads just fine. But wikipedia continues to load forever, can never see any wikipedia article. I use airtel gprs-edge in westbengal circle, speed fluctuates between 6kBps-16kBps. Any...
  16. socrates

    Wikipedia opens office in India, its first outside the U.S

    Technoholik : Wikipedia opens office in India, its first outside the U.S
  17. celldweller1591

    Wikipedia to roll out new look and features

    Originally announced back in March of this year, Wikipedia today announced plans to roll out a new theme and several new features to improve the usability of the site. In brief, the main things that will be rolling out in the next couple of days include: Navigation: Tabs at the top of every...
  18. D

    Wikipedia : To trust or not to

    Source : When Wikipedia started gaining in popularity, so did its diversion from actual content. Its Wiki style management means user can edit its content; this remains to be Wikipedia biggest boon and...
  19. crawwww

    Why is wikipedia asking for donations?

    Why is wikipedia asking for donations when they can make more money from advertisements? What fools!
  20. NewsBytes

    Wikipedia entries to be colour-coded based on trustworthiness

    One of the most common grouses with the Web’s favourite encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, is that the content on it cannot always be trusted. There are quite a few loose statements that have no credible citation to back them up, yet a lot of people rely on the site to conduct research.   This...
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