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  1. TechnoHolic

    ^CAS Latency^

    I've a Strontium DDR3 4GB 1333 with 7-7-7-20 Latency RAM, now i'm planning to buy one Corsair 9-9-9-24 4GB 1333 [my CPU memory controller is 1066 mhz] My confusions are- 1.will these 2 ram's match properly..! 2.which cas latency is better..! (wiki shows the lower latency is better..but why...
  2. N

    What CMS should I use for my site?

    Hi, First off, I just want to say that I'll try to explain my question in the easiest terms possible, since it is rather complicated to understand. I am making a fan website about a certain game I like to play. This fan website would be something like a Wiki, but I'll get on to that later...
  3. N

    Game Wiki

    We all love games,However, How many of you read Game wiki pages on Wikipedia ? Its really fun and feels good to know what went behind the scenes for the game you played and loved it. Would like to know if any of our TDF members love reading game wiki once they finish the game. If you have...
  4. mithun_mrg

    PS Vita Sony NGP Revealed

    Guys the successor of PSP is Here PS Vita Wiki Guide - IGN
  5. esumitkumar

    Prince of Persia 2008 ..woooohoooo !!

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_of_Persia_(2008_video_game) Sorry if it had been discussed earlier :D ..But just saw it in wiki ...woooooooohooooo :D amzzzinnnng !!!
  6. naveen_reloaded

    Explain me scientology!

    Off lately i have reading too much of scientology stuff in digg and in other news sites.. What is it anyway... A read in wiki but cant understand.. Can Somebody put it simple words...
  7. Gigacore

    Wiki - Is it Legal?

    Hi Guys, I'm a science student.. And i found some good interesting articles about "integration" in wikipedia. Now i've converted all those articles to PDF and now i've the pdf file with me. My friends living far away from my place wants those files.. I taught them to create PDF, but...
  8. praka123

    The New Linux Vault Wiki for Linux users:

    What is The Linux Vault? The Linux Vault is a new wiki project founded with the mission of creating a centralized GNU/Linux information website. It has just been created, so we are begging everybody to take part of it and make it the place for writing guides, how-to's, configurations...
  9. hailgautam

    Personal Wiki - user reviews

    Personal wikis allow people to richly link information on their desktop or mobile computing devices the same way a community wiki links information across the internet. Thus people who like the wiki philosophy of organizing information may find personal wikis useful. So, how many of you have...
  10. M

    Website With "Wiki" Technology

    Hi I want to create a simple website about a book. It would contain all the chapters from that book and i want to use wiki technology in the website but i don't know how to use it( heard about this technology from one of my friend). I want to create the website so that users can leave comment in...
  11. S

    Microsoft Releases MSDN Wiki

    Microsoft has released its Microsoft Developer Network Wiki for developers. ADVERTISEMENT In a blog post on Dec. 7, S. "Soma" Somasegar, corporate vice president of Microsoft's developer division, said Microsoft has unveiled a release candidate of MSDN Wiki, which is part of the MSDN...
  12. Manojap

    Jot down-Google

    Google just aquire jot.com,so enter ur email to get started.It is a wiki where u can share ur thoughts
  13. M

    Guides for different distros

    Canonical - Ubuntu / Kubuntu Linux Ubuntu Guide Ubuntu Official Guide Ubuntu Linux Resources Edgy Eft Complete sources.list Source-O-Matic Ubuntu Video Document Storage Archive Building Ubuntu DVD Images of main, universe and multiverse repositories Forum + Blog Mailing Lists :-...
  14. F

    Wiki on Ankit Fadia marked for deletion.

    Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ankit_Fadia marked for deletion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Ankit_Fadia Actually i checked the wiki 3-4 days back an it was deleted. Today i checked again and its back. Reason for deletion:- :| 1 Looks like Self Promotion 2...
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