1. bssunilreddy

    Logitech G400 Problem?

    Hai, I have a Logitech G400 Mouse which was bought in April,2012. The problem is that when I use the scroll wheel it makes a clicking sound and that sound has increased now otherwise it is working perfectly. What is the cause of that clicking sound? Is it normal for all others who are using...
  2. M

    Good Speakers Under 3000 INR

    I had a creative Inspire 2.1.Recently it started making a buzzing noise even when all cables expect power cord were removed.Warranty was over since it was 3+ years.I just pulled it out ,found a capacitor may be the issue then replaced it.During reassembly i made a mistake of breaking a screening...
  3. H

    Gaming wheel required

    Suggest gaming wheel for F1, dirt, and many others to play on my pc.
  4. abhishek66

    [For Sale] ThrustMaster Ferrari Universal Challenge 5in1 Gaming Wheel

    1. Product on sale: Thrustmaster Universal Challenge 5 in 1 Racing Wheel: Flipkart.com 2. Price: Rs. 1,850 3. Reason for sale: Not using it. 4. Product condition: 9.9/10. 5. Date of Purchase: December 2012 - 1 week old 6. Invoice: Available 7. Warranty: 3 Years Manufacturer...
  5. P

    Please tell me which wheel is bigger in these two?

    Can anyone tell me which wheel is bigger in these two:- *Thrustmaster Universal Challenge 5 in 1 Racing Wheel- *Genius Speed Wheel 5-
  6. F

    xbox steering wheel

    i want an xbox steering wheel nothing too fancy under 10k want it to work with forza 4, horizon and f1 2012 any suggestions plz reply asap if possible i want it ordered online
  7. rohit32407

    Steering Wheel for PC within 3.5-4k

    As the support for my older wheel is becoming obsolete i am thinking about going for a new one. Please suggest a good wheel for pc within 4k. I mostly use steering wheel+brake/accelerator pedals for simulation games and not games like NFS, dirt, grid etc. Plz suggest accordingly. My point being...
  8. arko1983

    gaming wheel

    i am looking to buy gaming wheel my choices are :- logitech driving force gt @ 6.9k (vedant kolkata price) or logitech g27 (dont know price but around 15k ,is it worth it or i buy the previous one) any suggestions will be appreciated .anyone using these wheels plz post some feedback.
  9. A

    Gaming Wheel

    I want to buy a gaming wheel for about 2.5k. I like the Zebronics 1000GW but couldnt figure out what type of shifter it has. Can anybody tell me?? Also what are the other choices at my budget??(Thrustmaster Universal Challenge is too small!!)
  10. P

    Racing wheel

    Hi, I want to get myself a racing wheel. It should have foot pedals and force feedback. My budget it Rs.8000/- Also, I currently own a Logitech Attack 3 joystick. I was wondering if I could use it as the gear stick. If no, I would like it to be with the steering wheel combo. If...
  11. J

    confused about gaming wheel

    i want to buy racing wheel... plz suggest one....zebronics 100gw or thrugmaster???? which will be the better ??? actually i get frightened that in kolkata there is no service center for thrugmaster .... whereas if something happen then i can give it to service center... zebronics 1000gw will...
  12. J

    confused regarding gaming wheel

    guys plzzz help... I am very fond of racing games... specially nfs.. I just want to buy a cheap racing wheel. in the market there are only 2 devices 1. frontech 1739 gaming wheel 2. zebronics 1000gw logitech will be too costly for me.... I am confused which one to buy.....!!!!! plz...
  13. D

    Need a racing wheel under 8k; with 900 rotation & force feedback.

    Hey people! I need a racing wheel for PC under 8k. I would like it to be as close as it can be to real cars, and that is why I want a 900 degree rotation :D :D The cheapest wheel I can find with 900 degree rotation is Logitech Driving Force GT, but I am not sure how it performs or if any...
  14. S

    Racing Wheel !! best one??

    Hi friends! I want to buy a racing wheel. my budget is 2500. please suggest me which one is best and will work prefectely with PC. i searched on net and bit confused about the wheels. help me out !!!
  15. gkiran

    Help in Steering Wheel purchase

    I want to buy a steering wheel for Driving simulator game. Is there any good steering wheel for about 2K ? how abt ThrustMaster Ferrari GT Experience ?
  16. R

    Logitech MOMO

    Can any one please confirm me, of the recent price of the Logitech MOMO in India or Kolkata ? I am totally a n00b when it comes to racing wheels. and i am looking forward to buy a second wheel (after buying a cheap zebronics racing wheel , which was completely a waste of money.) So...
  17. newway01

    Logitech or Similar Gaming Wheel

    Hi, anyone selling a Logitech Gaming wheel? Preferred models - Logitech Momo Racing Force, Driving Force GT Also looking for Logitech Wingman Attack 3 or Attack 2 joystick.
  18. happy17292

    Zebronics Zeb-500RW 1 day used [bouth 15days ago] @ 1k/- inc Shipping

    *i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv292/hgps/SNAP0060.jpg *i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv292/hgps/SNAP0061.jpg bought 15days ago. For Rs1650/- used 1 day. selling @ Rs1k inc. shipping complete bill, Wheel [gear knob attached], pedals, box, driver CD etc. PC,PS2 compatible...
  19. giprabu

    Suggest a good steering wheel emulator...

    I need a decent steering wheel emulator under 3k for casual play.. it must have a gear stick..
  20. topgear

    Funky Titanium Mouse Costs $1200

    There doesn't appear to be anything "mousy" about Intelligent Design's Titanium ID Mouse. If anything, the gadget looks more like a metallic claw ripped from an android's wrist than a wireless Bluetooth device. Yet upon close inspection, there are signs of a tiny mouse wheel and possible...
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