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Steering Wheel for PC within 3.5-4k


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As the support for my older wheel is becoming obsolete i am thinking about going for a new one. Please suggest a good wheel for pc within 4k.

I mostly use steering wheel+brake/accelerator pedals for simulation games and not games like NFS, dirt, grid etc. Plz suggest accordingly. My point being I don't need alot of buttons and switches on the wheel but gear box or gear switches(like just behind the wheels on both left and right side) would be nice for simulation.

EDIT: Budget is extendable to 5k if worth it.
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Ambassador of Buzz
ok I have narrowed it down to these 2 models..

1) Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience 2in1
2) Nitho Drive pro v16

Since i have never used either thrustmaster or nitho products i would like your views on both of these brands and the models i have mentioned.


CyberdyneSystems Model101
I would suggest stay away from cheap products like nitho. I hvent used them though. Thrustmaster should be good. I own a Logitech Driving Force GT, and trust me, its well worth every penny spent. Its quality is simply superb . I use it for playing F1 (2010 -2012) . I would sincerely suggest , extend your budget by 3 K more (5+3) OR wait and save up and buy the Logitech DFGT.
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