1. rahulbalmuri

    System restart problem....

    i recently bought Asus p8z68-v mobo with i5 2500k on board,..... I enabled the TPU switch...... and weird thing is happening... when i switch on my pc.... it restarts and then automatically starts... now wats this..... again its not restarting.... but this wasn't happening before enabling...
  2. Zangetsu

    Crysis Not Working....

    Hi All gamers, I have copied the installed files of crysis on my pc frm frnd's.... & now when i double click the crysis.exe nothin happens.... no error msg etc....but he said we can directly play it w/o install.... wats the problem???? do i miss some registry setup..... I m...
  3. Zangetsu

    Keyboard Problem....

    when i press up arrow key the scroll lock LED glows on....& if i again press up key it goes off.....wats the problem:neutral:
  4. ay_aceoo7

    help plz....

    administrator has prohibited access to cd/dvd rom drives......and my pc wont read any cd or dvd's .....wat's the problem?....if anyone know plz help....
  5. ay_aceoo7

    wat's the cost of 4gb ddr2 ram{800 mhz}?

    wat's the cost 4 gb ddr2 800mhz ram and also i want to buy a Graphics card tat is above 9series and the price shuld be below 5k?
  6. Vensanga


    wats the best grafix card that cost around 10,000?
  7. V

    Please Help (ram) Problem

    I have upgraded my ram from 512 mb to 1 gb i added 1 gb in another slot, but it is recognising only 1 gb ram and not the 512 mb ram but both the ram slots are working i dont know wats the problem please help
  8. skippednote

    Broadband Problem

    Guys i'm on BSNL Dataone h750UL, whenever i'm using broadband on my PC the landline in other room give a ell lots of noise. i can't figure out wats the problem. Another thing wat download speed should i get with the plan i have.:confused:
  9. skippednote

    Suggestion for PS2

    Guys these days being diwali offers everywhere i'm thinking of getting a ps2 as its costing only 6.5k. I love games like splinter cell and several from same genere. I even like games like pop and dmc and god of war as well. i wanted to know that how much ps2 modding costs and where i can get...
  10. A

    System freezes......

    system freezes and a blue screen appears and ma system restarts? wat's the actual problem?
  11. A

    blue screen problemz............

    When i was browsing my net suddenly a blue screen came and ma pc restarted .I wanna know wat's the actual problem?
  12. Zangetsu

    DVD data invisible...

    I burned the Data DVD in my frnds PC....it was burned succesfully but when i inserted the DVD in my DVD-Writer it is invisible with free space/used space : 0 bytes... But its working fine in his laptop & his Desktop PC....wats the problem :? Is it possible 2 recover the files :shock:
  13. Zangetsu

    Shocking USB Port!!!

    Hi...my frnds usb port is giving electric shock(not high)...wats the problem...:confused:
  14. Zangetsu

    PC not booting

    My PC is not booting whenever i switch on the pc it does not give beep...& also the hdd & mobo LED's keeps glowing....:( wats the problem?:x
  15. A

    Files got GREEN!!

    Hi guys i have a serious prblm wid my lappy , some of my files in my lappy got green i.e it is showing them wid green color in the icon bar instead of black , i can see the space the files are occupying but i am unable to open or access them . Can you tell me wats wrong wid them and wats...
  16. C

    Best trick to do partition of hard disk

    Hi guys, well just bought a 250 GB of western hard disk drive n will install a fresh XP professional OS on it .... now i want to partition it in the following manner.... C:\ 80GB n other drives as 56GB each...... Now guys wats the best possible way to do it..... should i use disk partion...
  17. brokenheart

    SMS Lingo

    Heya! Howz u?hope u r f9. n kp smilin, tc. How often do you find people exchanging pleasantries in this manner? whether it's all right to converse in the so-called "SMS lingo" ..?? Wats ur take...??
  18. H

    Price & availability of HTC Touch Cruise

    i'm thinking of buying the HTC Touch Cruise.does any1 know whether its available in India and wats its present price. also when r the WM7 mobiles being launched.
  19. N

    wats the best broadband in chennai

    hi there could anyone suggest me the best available broadband in chennai please thanx in advance
  20. Angad singh


    Hey guys i am getting an iphone v1.0.2 for 26k so guys should i buy it or not... can anyone tell me wats the diffrence between these 1.0.2 and 1.1.1
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