1. sukesh1090

    Bios reporting very high Vcore, Vram

    Hello, I am having a AMD phenom II 955 BE running on a Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3 motherboard and my PSU is Seasonic S12 II 520W. Today I booted in to Bios and I noticed that its showing vcore of 2.00v instead of 1.4v, Vram of 2.3v instead of 1.5v and PSU 12v rail at 16.17v. I have attached a...
  2. omega44-xt

    GTX 1060 3GB vs RX 470 4GB

    As the title suggests which one is better? Most games run better in 3GB GTX 1060 compared to RX 470, still people here at forum suggests RX 470. Any particular reasons? Is it the low VRAM? Both are priced similar, that's why I'm asking
  3. iittopper

    r9 280x 3 GB or 960 2GB

    Really confused between these two . I can get second hand r9 280x or new 960 at same price . 960 consumes less power but 2 GB VRAM is really bugging me . I am using 7850 2GB and can see the VRAM limitation in many games . Which one will be better? config : Intel i3 2120 8 GB RAM Amd 7850...
  4. U

    GPU under 30k, please help.

    I'm currently using MSI R7950 3GB/OC, which is dead last weak, and its not under warranty also, So, i want a good GPU for 1080p Gaming under 30k. Please help me out.:-(
  5. Cyberghost

    Some GTX 970 buyers getting partial refunds from Amazon

    Some GTX 970 buyers getting partial refunds from Amazon We’ve had a couple of KitGuru readers get in touch to let us know that Amazon US and Amazon UK both appear to be willing to follow in Newegg’s footsteps and issue 20 per cent refunds to buyers of the GTX 970 graphics card following the...
  6. Cyberghost

    Nvidia’s GTX970 has a rather serious memory allocation bug

    NVidia’s GTX 970 is the current price-to-performance darling, offering incredible visual for incredible value. It seems, however, that it’s harbouring a dark secret. It’s a 4GB card, but it looks like a significant chunk of that VRAM doesn’t work. According to a number of rather angry...
  7. topgear

    Graphic Card Overclock List and Discussion

    You can discuss any and every thing related to Discrete GPU or Graphic Card over clocking here - when you have reached nice speed by ocing the gfx card and you want to show off this to the others just post in here according to the rules and I'll list it in here ;-) Before OCing read this : >...
  8. M

    CPU and GPU upgrade (AMD and Radeon)

    Hi Folks... One of my friends is going to upgrade his proccy and get a discrete gpu. Total budget - 15K. Current config - AMD X2 (dont know more than this) Asus M4A785D-M Pro DDR2 RAM (dont know how much) Crappy PSU (ya he's got some bull-crap psu and wont upgrade it...so I say, let it blow...
  9. C

    560ti in sli(1gb+2gb)

    hey guyz, this question is really bothering me that will i be able to use the 2gb of vram if i run 2 560ti cards 1 as 1gb and the other as 2gb?i was going to buy a 580.because the 560ti sli being better,lacks in vram.i like all my setting to be maxed out in crysis and would like to do so in the...
  10. deepakgates

    graphics dilemma

    Okay .. Im buying this dell 15R But Im confused weather i should go for graphics card with : DX 10.1 , Pixel Shader 4.1, Vram 1 gig or DX 11 , Pixel Shader 5, Vram 512 mb for entry level gaming!! waitin!!
  11. sravan

    Knowing amount of VRAM

    I recently bought gigabyte eg31m-s2l motherboard. Now,how can I know amount of VRAM ?? In BIOS , I can see a option "on chip frame buffer....." which is set to 8MB + 1MB. Is this the onboard video memory???
  12. N

    GeForce 9600GT and 8600GT comparison

    Guys, I currently have an XFX GeForce 8600GT 512MB graphics card. It runs GRID at 1024x768 with 4X MSAA and all high details smoothly and also NFS Undercover at the same resolution with 2X AA and AF, it runs Crysis as well at the same resolution with High settings. I have saved up enough to...
  13. furious_gamer

    Onboard v Dedicated

    Hi friends, See my siggy for my system spec. Just a few days ago i remove my gfx card and i want to know about my onboards capabilities. My onboard video is NVIDIA 7050 with 512MB of VRAM and when i play farcry with very high settings, the frame rates seems to be lower than my previous...
  14. A

    Which one of these is a Better Graphic Card !

    Hi Everyone ! I had a question would it make any difference if I had a 8400 GS card with 256 MB Dedicated VRAM versus 8400 GT with 128 MB Dedicated VRAM. Is there a difference between 8400 GS and 8400 GT. If 8400 GS is second to 8400 GT. Having a more dedicated VRAM like 256 MB in the 8400 GS...
  15. Third Eye

    177kb Benchmark

    Just found it http://theprodukkt.com/downloads/fr-041_debris.zip They can compress that much into so little?, 177KB=city, textures, sound, animation, and more?! system requirements: -------------------- - minimum: * p4 2ghz or athlon 2000+ (with sse) * 512mb ram * ps2.0 capable...
  16. abhinandh

    wierd problem(kind of)

    when i do a memory test in memtest i get thousands of errors when i allocate 1mb of vram but if i allocate 8mb i get no errors!!!!whats wrong???
  17. User Name

    Can i use RAM as VRAM?

    I hav 1gb ram with 64 mb vram shared.I want to increase vram to 256.Is it possible?
  18. Phreezer

    How to use video RAM as system RAM???

    Hey ppl, I've got a pentium-4 machine with 256 MB SDRAM...well ya SDRAM(Frequency-133 MHz)...Lately it is jusn't sufficient to run my applications so i was just wondering that can I also use my RAM on the graphics card as system RAM? I've got NVIDIA Geforce 5200 with 128 MB VRAM. I...
  19. executioner


    Hi, Can i change the amount of vram shared by my system.can it improve my game performance?
  20. thetopcyborg

    What exactly is my VRAM?

    hey all, i hav a intel d845gl mobo with onboard video(it sux, i know)...it is intel extreme graphics with the latest graphics now, from the BIOS, i hv shared 8 MB for it.....and there is also an option to set AGP aperture size.......the thing is that there is no AGP port on the bord...and i...
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