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  1. dashing.sujay

    Need help in getting a VPS

    Looking to switch to a VPS for one of my website. (Welcome - Prepvelvet) Was on a shared hosting @ outpowerhosting, but those ahole guys keep on repeating that we use resources more than our limit and that our site is getting more than 3L hits which is not at all possible. Looking out for a...
  2. emailvarunchandak

    Best and Cheapest VPS Hosting

    Hey guys... i want to buy a cheap VPS hosting with custom OS which must be decent in performance and fast in response. Please tell me some of the dealers in India and/or Abroad...!!
  3. P

    download a file directly to ftp server via VPS

    hello friends i am new to this VPS and FTP i recently bought a VPS server.. what i want to know is if i mount my FTP server as a local drive on my VPS and then if i download a file directly to FTP server issuing command from the VPS will it count towards my bandwidth of VPS server??? for...
  4. M

    India IP/ VPS in India

    Since my IP at home is used by many people I wanted an additional dedicated IP for my use. Anyone know how I can get India IP or even a VPS with server in India? Anyone has any idea
  5. D

    Hello friends ;)

    Hi friends... Can u tell some websites or services that provide windows vps or linux vps in india... i know some sites but they dont provide unlimited band width...
  6. vickybat

    First look on Antilles or 6990. Its humongous

    Guys take a look at amd's upcoming dual gpu flagship. Its bigger than amd vp's head.:mrgreen: Check HERE for more details.
  7. nileshgr

    VPS query

    Guys do you know any reliable VPS provider who provides VPS < $15/mo without any cPanel. I want unmanaged VPS. Any idea ? Is this VPS Host good: http://vpsville.ca/plans
  8. drgrudge

    Suggest me a Hosting Package for my Blog

    I'm looking for a hosting solution for my blog. CPU usage: The blog gets moderate Traffic. Sometimes around 250+ visitors at the same time. This is the biggest issue. Not all the time, the traffic is high and this sometimes makes shared hosting worthless. Monthly Bandwidth: 6-9 GB a month...
  9. kerthivasan

    vps-what does it means?

    what does vps means?
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