1. swatkats

    Give a miss call & Freecharge donates Rs.20 to Nepal Victims and also you get Rs.20 recharge voucher

    Source: *twitter.com/FreeCharge/status/593043700374110208/photo/1
  2. RCuber

    Headset/Headphone for 5K

    I need a head phone or Headset for Gaming/Movies. Please recommend one for ~5-6K. Analog interface is needed and not USB, as I have a ASUS Xonar ST soundcard. My choices are Corsair 1400 or Audio Technica ATH-M30x Flipkart only, as I have a voucher for 5K.
  3. M

    Negative Experience No mention of offer in "Track Orde" or Email

    I Ordered a Lenovo Laptop Backpack B450 for 1199. *www.flipkart.com/lenovo-backpack-b450/p/itmd5csv8cpdtrpj?pid=ACCD5CSUFK5RGB3N& Screenshot in the spoiler it had offer "Get free Yatra Voucher redeemable on domestic flights and hotel bookings, worth Rs. 750 on purchase of this...
  4. GhorMaanas

    [Want to Buy] flipkart gift voucher

    Hello! i need a flipkart gift voucher for a purchase worth 13-14k on flipkart. anyone having it please PM me your offers. thanks!
  5. Z

    Google Adwords Vouchers at Cheap Price

    I sell Adwords Vouchers that help you save money on your marketing project. When you buy voucher at cheap price, you get the coupon with 10 times higher in account. Here is how you get that: $50 Adwords Voucher at $6.80 $75 Adwords Voucher at $7.80 $100 Adwords Voucher at $8.80...
  6. A

    help on digit voucher

    i have won a course at training.com worth rs 890. i have submitted my voucher information at www.thinkdigit.com/voucher but i do not get my email on my id abhisheklohchab@hotamil.com. please help on resending my email at the above id. thank you in advance.
  7. R

    Indiatoday Offer

    Does anyone got this message on his/her mobile from indiatoday "Your name , claim your savings voucher of Rs .... , Voucher no...... reserved for u at indiatoday site." I got the msg two times n when i opened the site i saw my name n their offer ... They offered me to purchase Reebok shoes...
  8. C

    Get tata sky for real cheap

    Buy Tata sky on ebay At rs 500+shipping..though the shipping is a bit high Use coupon code 2KI9KBI3AY while making payment and get rs 300 off. So overall u get rs 500 voucher for Rs 320. Vouchers will be delivered physically.
  9. M

    I need a gift voucher or a discount coupon of futurebazar or indiaplza or any other.

    I nedd a gift voucher or a discount coupon of futurebazar or indiaplaza or any other. If anyone ready to share please P.M me urgently. Thanks in advance.
  10. A

    BSNL Unlimited GPRS Voucher for Rs. 197/- in UP West

    Hi just got sms on my fathers mobile that bsnl has introduced recharge voucher for rs 197/- for one month unlimited use of GPRS. I think it is the cheapest rate for gprs usage as airtel charge 20/- per day on rs 350 on postpaid for a month.
  11. goobimama

    New Paymate offer. Double your money.

    Paymate Offer I'm not sure where to post this, or whether it has been already posted, so here goes anyway. You buy a voucher for say 500 bucks, and when you checkout at a shopping site, that voucher is worth 1000 bucks. Use at your own risk/discretion, I'm just spreading the news.
  12. 2kewl

    Giftmate 'Shop-for-Half' offer!

    Another awesome offer from giftmate! Buy a 125/250/500/1000 worth voucher from giftmate and get double the amount deposited in your giftmate account. You can use the money for shopping online among their supported merchants...
  13. arunks

    New offer by paymate for giftmate rs.250 voucher.. ENjoy!!!

    Guys another offer for getting free 250 voucher has started.. So enjoy this guys..:p They have colaborated with kingfisher airlines.. GiftMate Voucher Offer Details Existing GiftMate users will not be eligible to receive the GiftMate voucher under thisoffer. The GiftMate voucher worth Rs...
  14. r2d2

    Latest! giftmate Rs. 250 voucher scheme

    Haven't tried this but yet another free Rs. 250 voucher scheme from giftmate. First u need to register at www.zapak.com then go here. Existing giftmate users can also buy a match pass of Rs. 50 from www.neosports.zapak.com. Edit: Direct linking has been disabled by Giftmate, now you need to...
  15. A

    Get again RS.250 Giftmate Voucher :-) !!

    Indiaplaza, for this Christmas and New Year Season has turned up with a cool offer where you will be getting a gift voucher worth Rs. 250/- from Giftmate. This is a separate offer exclusively for Indiaplaza users only and does not have to to do anything with the offer that Giftmate is already...
  16. O

    Anyone using "Reliance Datacard"?????

    Reliance Data Card, a new USB modem for Rs.2850 and speed upto 153Kbps!!! They say we can even recharge using 'net connect' prepaid voucher: Rs.125-5hrs,Rs.220-10hrs & Rs.400-20hrs. Anyone using this??? Howz the speed? Is it worth going for 'Laptop'????? The link for Reliance is...
  17. H

    hello plz help

    Hello everyone anyone from delhi please help me out as i want hutch stv 30rs special tarrif voucher please help me get that as i am not able to get one
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