1. The CyberShot

    Office 2007 Beta - Plz how do i get the code ?

    Hi, how do i get the code? I visited their site, logged in, then i could not figure out anything Please help.
  2. william

    Clean sweep

    guys how will you completely clear your web browser history. i mean once u have cleared it from clear history button but visited pagess are still there. open internet explorer your homepage will open click in the address bar to and delete the homepage url now press down arrow and you will foind...
  3. go4saket

    Problem in History with Opera???

    Hello friends! I started using Opera recently. I always used IE6 and it has a feature called History in which we can see all our last visited pages even without being online. I found the same kind of feature on Opera, but the problem is that whenever I click on any last visited page, it askes...
  4. himtuna

    A personalized e-mailer

    HI I have searched net a lot and at last found one way to send e-cards,flash animation etc, on the email. That is emailer. But can't find the best to suite me. I have downloaded Advanced Emailer, but don't know how to use it. It asks for smtp server now what's this. I have visited...
  5. C

    My PHP Script

    I made a script called Hee-Haw Mailer. It got listed on hotscripts. Get it from :- * * Its just for educational purposes. Additions/Changes are welcome...
  6. saROMan

    Opera 8 Help !!

    I am using ver 8 ..i have problem with Plugins.....have Downloaded/installed plugin for Flashget & Getright ..but even after installation its not shown in plugins ...i restarted opera to get them detected..but no use..also there is no option for find plugins in opera 8 ..i have visited the...
  7. mohit sharma

    hav u ever visited !

    have u ever visited , plz. check n tell how much time it took 2 load on ur pc , on my reliance connection it took 20 min. to load the page !
  8. P

    infected by w95.cih HELP!!!

    i'm using win xp pro os and it is affected by w95.cih virus , it creates about six to seven .tmp files wnenever i open my pc in my c:\windows\temp folder each of 80 mb file size and my comp. becomes very very slow. it takes about one hour to get back to normal .though norton 2005 detects them it...
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