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Opera 8 Help !!

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I am using ver 8 ..i have problem with Plugins.....have Downloaded/installed plugin for Flashget & Getright ..but even after installation its not shown in plugins ...i restarted opera to get them detected..but no use..also there is no option for find plugins in opera 8 ..i have visited the respective site and followed the instruction..but no use .. :( ..can any one help me in installing these OR any other plugins ???


all the plugins of opera are stored in

put all the plugins there

you will also to have edit the opera.ini file
just place the opera.ini or opera6.ini file in the main
directory i.e opera\

and then check mark the "integarte into opera in getright"

after the opera.ini is configured

jsut place that configured opera.ini in the directory
opera\profile\ by overwriting the existing fiel

if not then post here


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1st i dont have Profile folder in x:\Program Files\Opera\

The profile folder is in x:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile

again there is no Plugin folder inside it .. :(

my plugins are in x:\Program Files\Opera\plugins

ther are 2 folders Flashget and Getright in each folder there are 2 files 1 txt and 2nd unwise.exe ...also there are lotto dll's in there

also there is no opera.ini here instead thre is OperaDef6.ini ..there is one plugin-ignore.ini which has these lines

; This file is part of the Opera browser.
; Filenames of plugins we ignore and don't initialize

[Plugins to Ignore]
WEBHDLL.DLL = WebHancer, crashes Opera
NP32COMET.DLL = CometCursor, crashes Opera
NPAUDIO.DLL = Netscape audio plugin, steals audio file types

in short its totally confusing here...BTW there was a Option..to Locate plugin in 6.x ..do u know how i can do that in 8.x ????


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OK got it....i just copyed all the dll's from
x:\Program Files\Opera\plugins
x:\Program Files\Opera\program\plugins

and volla all of them are installed.......Phew....:):)
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