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Android YouTube app buffering problem


Recently i started watching YouTube videos on my mobile.
Earlier i used chrome for that purpose but unfortunately chrome doesn't provide any options to change the video quality and is by default set you the lowest quality..
Hence i had to switch to the android YouTube app.
But since then i have been facing this problem..
My WiFi connection isn't blazing fast to stream HD videos real-time..
So i have to leave my phone for sometime so that it buffers the video..
But in the YouTube app I start buffering and leave my phone idle.. as soon as the screen turns off the buffering stops..
Also if i have buffered some amount of video before leaving the phone idle. With screen being turned off then even the previously buffered data is lost.. And I have to start buffering it again....

Have you guys faced the same problem?
I constantly watch videos over 30 min or so... With this problem I am noy able to watch YouTube videos on my phone...

There should be a way to treat this problem??
Isn't it??


Truth Seeker
There's a reason Chrome sets the lowest Quality. I think your low speed is the problem here. If you don't want the buffering data lost, just increase the screen timeout.

Also like others suggested, download videos and watch them in offline.
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