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  1. kool

    What is the best way to convert large HD AVI files to small size? Nikon Camera Vid eating space..

    Hi guys, After recording HD vid from Nikon Coolpix L25 it takes too much space for any vid. Like 26 second vid took 37 MB on hard disk. Now I've so many small vid clip. And want to convert them to small size but same quality. So tell me how can i do that? Sound quality doesn't matter for me...
  2. B

    {Suggestions}My Forum{Must Read!}

    www.xtremehacking.com Post your views, opinions and suggestions.. :) I upped it rite today so... here is a promo vid i created for it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPvWWzdprM8
  3. P

    Video Cam Mobile

    hey guyz, which is the best vid cam phone out there? the phone should be under under 15k. Howz sony ericsson K910i? well i found the cam was really good, but does it bring gr8 results in vid too? btw which n series phone has the best vid quality. but it should be too expensive.
  4. N

    Age Of Empires Conquerors

    hey Pals i am a big fan of aoe conquerors and want to play online vid some1. plz can some1 play vid me . also tell me how to join the game....:confused: thx a lot...
  5. go_gamez

    FS :Gainward 6660gt AGP Golden Sample edition 128MBDD3

    works in perfect condition(only the fan makes a bit of noise) Its the golden sample edition so overclocks to 540\1000+ from the stock 500\900 clock speeds. it comes with DVI to VGA converter and all the VIVO(video in video out) cables also have the box and cds that came with it.. has a...
  6. P

    youtube video downloads

    hi guyz. i don't know whats wrong , everytime i try 2 download a vid from video downloader, it says, the vid is not allowed 2 be downloaded, almost all vid has the same "warning" what is wrong? r there other softwares that can download videos from youtube?
  7. fnatic@play

    NEW ut2007 vid...

    http://www.gametrailers.com/player.php?id=9577&type=mov enjoy.... man i am looking forward to this one!! src : Unreal North. http://www.unrealnorth.com
  8. dreams

    Movie files to .gif ???

    Hi all, I hv seen some images or avatars taken frm video file.. tht is some small bit of vid wil b used as a gif image.. how to do it.. TIA
  9. A

    do xbox emulators work???

    hey i was jus wonderin if we could play xbox games on pc which r the best emulators and r there ne probs playin vid them
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