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NEW ut2007 vid...

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MysticHalo said:
Do u know the sysreqs for this upcoming game---???
Some1 at the UP forums told me it was a series-6 geforce card and 2.0 ghz+ processor
I dont have both :(

spot on buddy....that's the minimum requirement u r quoting, coz UT2K+7 is created using the UNREAL 2007 ENGINE, which makes the graphics look real life, out of this world and totally awesome 8) , and unfortunately for us will make our 4 year old systems piece of junk. and the bad news(once again, for us lesser mortals :cry: ) is that more developers will be using this engine for their upcoming games.



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^^ Absolutely correct. I assume that we will need atleast Geforce 7800+ cards or ATI X1000 series equivalent cards to play smoothly. :? :)


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don worry .... news around is tat we need a AMD x2 4800, 7800 gt, 1 gig to play this decently.... oh .. so much for the wait... BAH :-L X( :|

and :O - NO dodge-jump .... aaggrrrhh.. the pace is gone!!!

the combo looks amazing ... and specially interests me as i am called a combo-wh**e in the game... oh i love the pace of a mid air combo kill.. or a combo followed by "HEEADDD SSSHOOOOOTTTT"



One more fan of UT series here. :) I think what made ut 2004 an instant hit was the fact that it ran on even low end and mid end pc.Hence it was played by all gamers from various strata of society.I hope even UT2007 runs on same configurations :( :?
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