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  1. stellar

    Not moving to SD card

    Facebook and messenger Apps won't run when i move them to SD card from the phone and vice versa runs well..why so?
  2. thetechfreak

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Coming To iOS And Android Later This Fall

    A self explanatory thread title really. Really interesting by Rockstar that they are releasing the games on 10 year anniversaries. Would you expect GTA:SA for mobile too? Source GTA Vice City Coming To Android and iOS Devices
  3. ashis_lakra

    Northbridge affects GPU ?

    Hi, I was wondering of my unplayable and inconsistent frame rates on my computer. I had a discussion with a member and he said the ICH07 southbridge is limiting the communication from CPU to GPU and vice versa .. Is this true ? shall i go for mobo with ICH10 to increase performance ?
  4. B

    Graphics Card?

    will Nvidia cards easily run on AMD/ATI chipset? and vice versa
  5. R

    Access my PC

    Hi I have a MTNL connection and from the router I have connected my PC and laptop so that I can access net on both. Is it possible for me to also access the files on my PC from the laptop and vice versa. If yes then how ? Thanks for the help.
  6. S

    BSNL T2 Modem

    I have a BSLN T2 wireless router/BB modem which is connected to my computer running WinXP thorugh ethernet port, and wirelessly to my laptop which is running Win7. Is there a way I can access files in laptop from desktop and vice versa without any extra hubs or gadgets? please help me.. :?
  7. B

    Need BAkup help

    Folks which amongst the 3 file sync programs below would meet the criteria of ease of use, reliability, stability and features like incremental bakups, support for ext media etc. 1. Sync Back 2. Vice Versa 3. Allway Sync. Would be grateful and appreciate it if you could share your...
  8. VarDOS

    Grand Theft Auto : Vice City Stunt Bonus

    After A Long Try I Got This Success I Got $8535 For A Single Stunt In Grand Theft Auto Vice City.
  9. rohitshubham

    vice city help

    i had by mistake in vice city used the cheat in which everyone attacks me . now i am again entering the same cheat but the things are'nt getting fine.:confused: Please tell me what to do . i dont want to delete the save games
  10. raksrules

    noob question: How to play GTA Vice City ?

    I know this must be a very simple question for you. I have recently got a PS2 and bought the game GTA Vice City. But i have no clue what is to be done in the game and what is the aim of the game. Can anyone please enlighten me on this. I was not able to find much help from google :| Last when i...
  11. vamsi_krishna

    How to backup PS2 saves?

    hi dear friends, my name is vamsi krishna i have a slim ps2. I want to save my god of war 2 save files for further use. so please tell me a way to save the files to any other media and vice versa. i had tried burning some os iso to the disc but it is not working. please reply my post...
  12. hansraj

    how to transfer sheduled tasks from one pc to another

    guys i want to keep a backup of my scheduled tasks and also want to tranfer them from pc to laptop n vice versa. i am unable to find a proper solution.. any help ???? Platform: windows xp sp2
  13. GeekyBoy

    Hey guys look at this....

    Hey guys.....look at this.....the car is hanging in mid air !!!!!! The car you see in this picture is not standard........it was modded by installing Vice City Deluxe.
  14. iMav

    vista n xp

    guys can vmware or or any other software run xp and vista both ... i mean like vmware givs us linux on windows or vice versa something that givs xp on vista or vice versa????????
  15. R

    NTFS/FAT32 vs Ext3

    How to read ext3 Linux Data from Windows XP and Vice versa
  16. Manshahia

    Vice city Query...

    Frnds yesterday i bought a compaq presario 3000... and installed vice city on it.. THe problem is that i want to apply pizza dox cheats and this can only be done from numeric key pad but there's no numeric keypad... how can i use it?? thnx in advance..
  17. Manshahia

    Low end games??

    guys plz tell me some low end games for my PC... as far as configuration is concerned, GTA Vice city runs pretty well on my PC...
  18. CadCrazy

    How to change drive letter(f: ----> d:)

    I want to make my f: ---> d: n vice versa. How can i do it
  19. Shasanka_Gogoi

    Can files be hidden on a SE?

    Is their a way to hide or lock away files in a SE phone(memory card) so that I could not be viewed easily through the phone and vice versa?
  20. techtronic

    EA mulling iPhone games

    The name of the device is still in question as part of a legal controversy, but Apple's tentatively titled iPhone has already attracted the world's largest video game publisher, as Electronic Arts has announced initial plans to work on developing games for the new handset, reports Business Week...
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