1. D

    Vibration almost dead after phone fall

    My Galaxy s4 survived a fall while on bike. It is working flawlessly except the vibration has gone down. I tested with app, the motor is working but not like before.
  2. ithehappy

    So anyone used an Android with super strong vibration like old days?

    Being a Samsung Galaxy 'S' & Note series owner for past five years the thing I have always felt painfully is how weak these phones vibrate. All of them. S2, Note 2, and now the worst of the lot is this S4. Anyone used an Android which has that 'buzzzzzzing' vibration like cheap Nokia phones...
  3. D

    Enter E-GPV gamepad two versions ?

    Hi, I am planning to buy Enter E-GPV gamepad. Are there two versions of the gamepad available ? Single vibration and dual vibration ? Need help....confused ?
  4. S

    Headphones similar to SkullCrushers?

    Hello there! I have been a fan of in-ear headphones with good bass. I had a pair of EP-630 and how have a Sony MDR EX57 SL. I recently had a chance to use a friend's SkullCandy SkullCrushers and was impressed with the depth of bass, as well as the subwoofer and vibration offered. I have...
  5. B

    Hard disk vibration

    The vibration started a couple of weeks back. It starts at boot up and continues. Temperatures are normal 28-30 degrees. Physically touching it, its vibrating a good bit. The vibration is so bad, I can feel it on the case, desk and keyboard. Its a WD 500GB SATA3 bought in July. Could...
  6. H

    Samsung C5212 Vibration alert

    how can i turn on vibration in Samsung c5212. i am not able to find any option anywhere in phone. Thanks in advancec
  7. M

    zebronics joypad 150jp no vibration

    Hi guys can any one help me on this i bought this zebronics gamepad with vibration model 150jp but windows 7 detects as only generic usb no sign of vibration neither in settings nor in the games. I installed the proper driver as well no use. Any one using this. I even changed new piece still the...
  8. R

    USB Vibration joystick

    i am having problem wwith usb vibration joystick. when ever i plug-in,it displaying an error msg "usb not recognize windows malfunctioned". can u please tell me the solution soon?............
  9. S

    vibration is not workiing in my n73...?????

    heya friends ......i got a problem with my N73 .. it vibration is not working even though its enabled everyprofile ...i got checked by nokia care also but no of use.... they just cleaned the vibration device nothing else ... tell me the solution of problem if anyone faced dat... i also hv heard...
  10. P

    Cheap Gamepad

    I want a really cheap Gamepad. As cheap as possible please. The things I'm looking for is: Dual Analog sticks Vibration 8-button Compatible with most games As long as it lasts me for a year it's alright. I want one less than Rs.350 I can do without the Vibration part though. As long as it...
  11. V

    zebronics joystick no vibration. Help.

    i have a zebronics joystick Jp100. it has vibration motors, but it is not working. is there any driver needed, where can i get it. Please Help me. :(
  12. pritish_kul2

    Unlimited Buzz in Y!Messenger

    HEre's the way to send unlimited buzz to ne1 - Just type <buzz> any no. of times u want.....and it'll make that buzz sound and vibration
  13. phreak0ut

    Problem with media or drive???

    I bought a LiteOn DH-210A1P. There seems to be a strange problem. Though Moser Baer has teamed up with LiteOn, there is some performance problems. While burning MoserBaer DVDs, there drive vibrates during the initial burn process, then it slowly reduces. Then, while writing the Lead Out, there...
  14. ruturaj3

    Games having Vibration Feedback

    Hey guys , last week i brought XBOX 360 controller for windows :) .... It has got vibration feedback. I tried it with FIFA 07 its working properly. I want to know the other titles having the vibration feedback.
  15. eagle_y2j

    Which Album Song is this ?

    There is a English song in Namestey London starting scenes when Akshay brings Kaif to church it goes like this any info bout real artist album of this song ?
  16. M

    Gamepad Driver Wanted!! Digit Team Have A Look!

    I need a driver for my Xshocker PC/PS2 USB Dual Shock Gamepad Model No: AT-692 From: Quixot Multimedia. I can run my gamepad on my XP but my problem is generic drivers from XP don't support Force Feedback (Vibration). I want the driver for that reason. Please send me the required information or...
  17. sujeet2555

    vibrating fan

    i have window-xp pro.whwnever i start my pc my system fan vibrates i open my account and comes to my desktop.the vibration slowly slowly reduces and goes normal.why is it happening,is there any solution?
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