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  1. anandk

    AutoRuns Utility for Windows.

    Autoruns is a startup cleaner utility that is similar to the MSCONFIG utility. MSCONFIG only shows you startup and services and it doesn’t check digital signatures which means anything can hide from it. With Autoruns, nothing can hide and there’s no need to use MSCONFIG at all. You can download...
  2. Garbage

    Size problem aftr Formatting USB Drive

    Hi... My friend have a 4 GB USB Drive. He formatted it with some utility. But after formatting it shows size of 256 MB ONLY !!!! What can I do? I even tried to use HP Format Utility but useless. Is there any way to get original size back ?? Reply please.... no replies ??? No-one...
  3. ilugd

    converting video to amv

    I just got a local mp3 player 1 gb capability to play wma, mps, show jpg photos and play amv video. Is there an utility in linux to convert vcds (dat files) to amv?
  4. praka123

    Intel and PowerTOP extend Linux laptop battery life

    Intel recently released its PowerTOP utility, which builds on work done by kernel developers to make the Linux kernel power-efficient. PowerTOP gives you a snapshot of what apps are consuming the most power. Turn off these apps or modify their behavior, and you'll notice an instant increase in...
  5. morpheusv6

    Forcing Windows XP's Disk Cleanup to delete all temporary files

    You may have found that Windows XP's Disk Cleanup utility misses a spot from time to time, retaining temporary files most recently accessed. Here's how to perform a clean sweep of your Windows XP files by forcing Disk Cleanup to get rid of all your temporary files. If you've ever run...
  6. anandk

    Forcing Windows XP's Disk Cleanup to delete all temporary files

    If you've ever run the Windows XP's Disk Cleanup utility, you probably discovered that your temporary files occupy a significant amount of space. You might select the Temporary Files check box in order to allow the Disk Cleanup utility to delete the files in the Temp folder, but the Disk Cleanup...
  7. sumeet singh

    Some Shortcuts.... Check this out

    Guys here are some run commands... all collected from different sources;) Might help....:rolleyes: Display Properties - desk.cpl Display Properties - control color (w/Appearance Tab Preselected) Dr. Watson - drwtsn32 Driver Verifier Utility - verifier Event Viewer - eventvwr.msc File...
  8. dOm1naTOr

    Best file transfer utility over LAN?

    Can anybody specify if if possible give dl link to free/demo of utility. I want easy file transfer across systems in a network, even from an unshared partition nd if possible, password protect from inside the software. Thnx in advance. Im not that much into this networking side.Help would br gr8.
  9. imdbest

    Way To Enable AERO & Flip3D in Vista on Low Resource Machine ALSO

    Way To Enable AERO & Flip3D in Vista on Low Resource Machine ALSO Microsoft by default doesn't provide AERO Grafix System and Flip3D facility (the two marvels of Vista Interface) on system with low resources like less RAM or so. ABK Vista VFX Manager v0.1 License: Freeware LiNK...
  10. unni

    How to reconnect to DataOne when first attempt fails?

    Hi everybody, Although this isn't a serious problem, it has been troubling me for quiet sometime. I am using Mandriva 2007 and KDE. I connect to DataOne using the 'Net Applet' utility in my task bar. But, occasionally, when I tell it to connect, it fails. I don't know what's the exact...
  11. B

    INTEL Motherboard for P4 HT 3.00 GHz under Rs. 7000

    I want a intel motherboard for P4 3.00 GHz(HT) with 800/1060 MHz FSB under Rs 7000/-. It must allow me to install the OS on a sata HDD dirctly without any driver or third party utility. Is there any 965 based board from MSI or GIGABYTE suitable for my budget ?
  12. T

    save yahoomail attachment to local disk,,

    is any utility to save yahoomail attachment to local disk..:rolleyes: __________ pl suggest a utility to Save yahoomail attachment to local harddisk..????
  13. sabret00the

    WinZip 11.0 is out!

    WinZip Computing, a Corel company, has announced the official release of the latest version of WinZip, "WinZip 11.0". WinZip, a powerful and easy-to-use compression utility, quickly zips and unzips files to conserve disk space and reduce email transmission time. It is the most popular...
  14. anandk

    a small utility to modify taskbar clock...

    this ones nice too... TClock : a small utility to modify the clock on the taskbar in Windows view : http://www.techsupportalert.com/tclock.htm http://homepage1.nifty.com/kazubon/tclocklight/index.html
  15. S

    Microsoft Ships New Malware Hunting Utility

    On the heels of its July 2006 acquisition of Mark Russinovich's Winternals Software, Microsoft has replaced the popular Regmon and Filemon utilities with a single tool offering advanced capabilities for real-time monitoring of registry and process thread activity. The release of the new...
  16. arunks

    iBall Launches USB Pen Flash Drive

    i have purchased a iball pen drive recently but unfortunately i have lost the cd got with it.. so if anyone have the same pen drive then plz provide me with format utility that comes in pen drive itself and also in its cd.. actually i have locked my pen drive after partiitioning it with that...
  17. R

    how to use pinnacle tv tuner card's remote for the rest of the pc

    my config is:- amd athlon 64 3000+,512mb ram,160gb seagate hdd,sonydvd-rw,pinnacle 50i tuner card. I nwant to know how can i use the remote that came with my tv tunercard to control the system,especially softwares liike jrivermedia centre,windvr and jet aydio.s there any utility that...
  18. J

    ~*~ 99 useful run commands ~*~

    99 Useful Run Commands: Do you use the Run feature in Windows XP? For most, this feature remains unused (or rarely used). Why is that? Well, First off nearly all of the Run Commands Correspond to a particular Control Panel Item or a Utility, Tool or Task that can be accessed through Windows...
  19. F

    Linux Query.................

    hi everyone, from windows interface, if u want to see the contents of hard disk that has linux, There's a utility "WinSCP3" Is there any utiliy that does the same job, from linux to windows.
  20. nil_3

    Extra protection after Windows SHIFT+DELETE.

    Is there any stand-alone utility which can give Extra file protection after Windows SHIFT+DELETE? I very much liked the Norton Protected Recycle Bin that came with Norton Systemworks 2003. Is there any similar standalone utility?
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