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*Help* - Domain Settings

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I recently bought a domain name and i want it to forward to my geocities free site.It has Url forwarding option.

But i don,t know anything about Cname,MX records etc.

Please help me on how to forward the domain to geocities account and

Also kindly tell me how much time it will take for Url Forwarding to be activated.


da' Ťurntable ruleth
well dunno about "Cname,MX records "
but i do URL redirection
well in the above i guess you will be asked
to type in about the actual (geocities) website address
all you need to do is paste the geocities address in the space provided
by your domain cpanel
say if your gecities address is
then you copy this address and paste it in the cpanel of your domain
next time say e.g your domain name is
is typed in it will take you to that geocities address


Version 2.0
see in ur domain panel whether u have domain forwarding option or not..

if you dont have..then PM me..I will do it for u...



Broken In
Just change the CNAME record in your control panel to the URL you wish to point the domain . . Its simple as that . . You need not change any other record!
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